CAS360 Version 51 - New Features

Hi All,

Here are the CAS360 Version 51 New Features.

This version includes 104 new features, including 40 new features for our Australian clients and the release of CAS360 New Zealand. This update is 13 times bigger than our last update in June. This is our biggest update ever.

Core New features

  • XPM Jobs - You can now create a Job in Xero Practice Manager from directly inside CAS360. When preparing any form you can create a job using templates from XPM, attach the client and input job details and add job costs.
  • New Screens – CAS360 has had a major redesign with all pop-up screens now having a fresh new look. These screens are now easier to use, and are more responsive.
  • New Quick Add contact – A whole new way of adding contacts to CAS360 via the quick add, the new process is beautiful and allows for more contact information to be added.
  • New Quick Add Address – A whole new way of adding addresses in CAS360.
  • New Email Templates – We have released a whole new version of beautiful email templates for CAS360. Australian firms now have the ability to select between ‘Classic’ and ‘Modern’ templates.
  • New Pay Now Button on email templates – The new email templates for Annual Review and Company Debt reminder now includes a ‘Pay Now’ button allowing the accounting firm’s client to pay the ASIC fee at the click of a button.
  • New Fonts support – We have added support for a number of new fonts in CAS360, greatly improving your firm’s ability to use custom templates with your firm’s own font.
  • Support for Care of Addresses – All CAS360 Addresses can now have a ‘Care of’ field. The ‘Care of’ will now appear on all documents prepared by CAS360 including regulator forms.
  • Support for Middle Names – All CAS360 contacts can now have middle names. These middles names will appear in all screens, and all documents prepared in CAS360.
  • Label Filters on Reports – A number of CAS360 reports now have label filters to improve the filtering and accuracy of the CAS360 reports.
  • Jurisdiction Filters on Reports – A number of CAS360 reports now have jurisdiction filters allowing you to filter reports in CAS360.
  • New Officers Register – CAS360 has a new officers register. The officer’s register has been re-written. The new register is now editable for all users. The template can be downloaded from Settings -> Document Templates.
  • New Officers Register Landscape version – The CAS360 Landscape officers register is now editable. The template can be downloaded from Settings -> Document Templates
  • Change contact title – Contact titles can be added, viewed or edited from within the contacts screen.
  • Report selection will now persist on the reports screen – When preparing reports in CAS360, the search results will stay on the screen after the report is exported, allowing users to further edit the reports.
  • Improved Dates for Dividends and Distribution Documents - Users can now select to have all the document dates for dividends set by the dividend date. CAS360 will automatically calculate the dates required.
  • Rename Email Templates – Users can now re-name email templates allowing firms greater flexibility when describing a different version of the email templates
  • New countries service – We have completely re-written the countries service in CAS360, allowing greater flexibility when lodging with regulators in a number of countries, the new services uses the updated ISO countries list.
  • New Country flags – Users will now see the country flag when adding information related to the country. It won’t change your life but it’s nice and we liked it, so we added it.
  • New Contacts backend – We have made some significant changes to the contacts backend in CAS360, greatly improving the performance of adding a new contact and the contacts screen in general.
  • New Addresses backend – When have made some significant improvements to the backend of CAS360 Addresses, this removes the address ‘jurisdiction’ allowing the one address to be used across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Improved Addresses Performance - Also made enhancements that will provide users with greater performance of the addresses screens.
  • New Addresses UI for data entry - When adding an Address for specific countries the address screen will change, and show the correct address fields for that region.
  • New Company Jurisdiction filter - Now when you have companies in more than one jurisdiction you will be able to filter companies using the filter on the Companies screen.
  • New Alerts filters on Companies screen - Improvements have been made to the look and feel of the company alert filters on the companies screen.
  • New Getting Started Modal - The getting started modal now allows you to select Australia or New Zealand.
  • Editable Officers Cease date - When resigning a company officer, the cease date is now editable on-screen so that the user can easily select the correct date.
  • Label improvements - Improved the process of adding labels to companies and trusts ensuring that the label always appears correctly.
  • Browser Tab Headings - Added and updated browser tab headings to correctly show the screen, company or trust the user is in on that tab.
  • Security enhancements - Nothing sexy here, just your CAS360 application is more secure with features added to ensure compliance with the OWASP standards.
  • Security Improvements - ASIC agent details are now more secure.
  • Improved Tables - In CAS360 we have gone through every table and corrected any alignment issues.
  • Added Jurisdiction filter to Document Templates - Users can now set up document templates by jurisdiction.
  • Added Jurisdiction filter to Email Templates - User can now set up email templates by jurisdiction.
  • Declaration of Trust improvements - When a company receives shares where there is a beneficial owner, a representative of the company will be set to sign the declaration of trust.
  • Delete modals are now more red - Red shows danger and deleting is dangerous.
  • Improvements to Documents Screen service
  • Improvements to Changes Summary in documents screen
  • UI Improvements for search screens
  • UI Improvements in Company Details and Company Info

CAS360 New Zealand

  • Quick Start - Added a quick start process new New Zealand firms which will help get started with CAS360
  • Agent Support - Added support for users to add registered agents for New Zealand
  • Agent Authentication - Added support agent authentication with NZ Companies office and CAS360.
  • Agent Details Import - CAS360 will automatically import agent details once authenticated with NZ Companies office
  • Company Identification - CAS360 will automatically identify all companies that are attached to the agent and check if see if these companies already exist in CAS360
  • View Company details - Once CAS360 has identified the companies attached to the agent users are able to view all the information that the NZ Companies Office has for that company
  • Compare company information - Before importing a company that already exists in CAS360 users can compare the data to spot any errors
  • Comparison Report - New Zealand companies have an all-new comparison report
  • Import Company from Companies Office (public data) - Users can import all company information from the NZ companies’ office for any company.
  • Import Company from Companies Office (agent data) - If you are the agent for the company then you are able to import the company from the companies office with more information than the public import
  • Import Contact information from Companies Office - CAS360 will also import important information such as phone numbers and email addresses from NZ companies office when available.
  • Failed import notifications - If the Companies Office import fails then CAS360 will notify the users via notifications
  • Companies Office search - Users are able to run a search across all the public information available from the companies office, this information can also be view in CAS360
  • Companies Office overwrite service - If users wish to overwrite certain parts of the company data with the NZ Companies Office information this can be done section by section
  • NZBN - Added new fields to support NZBN
  • Company Contacts - Added all new fields to support company contact information such as phone number and email address as per Company Officer records
  • Company Types - Support for NZ company types are per the Companies Act
  • Company Classes - Support for NZ company classes per the Companies Act
  • Company Addresses - Added support for all the company addresses types required by a Company to company with Companie Office
  • Address Format - Added support for NZ addresses
  • Company Address Live check - When a user enters the Addresses screen - CA360 will automatically check the addresses with the companies office and find any differences
  • Change Company Address process - Prepare the change of company Address in CAS360
  • Change of Company Address Documents - When the company has changed address you can prepare the suite of documents required
  • Electronic filing of Company Address Change - Electronically file the change of company address with company office from within CAS360
  • Company Officers - NZ Companies offices screen with supported New Zealand officer positions
  • Company Officers live check - CAS360 will automatically check the data with NZ companies office to ensure the Officers are correct
  • Company Director import - If there is a difference between CAS360 and Companies Office users can just import the Companies Office data to correct CAS360.
  • Change of Company officers documents - Prepare the Company Documents for change of Officers transactions
  • Added support for Australian Company Directorships - When adding a director is also a director of an Austrlian company this can be identified
  • Companies Office form 9 support - Prepare the Companies Office form 9
  • Electronic filing of Officer changes - File the Companies Office form 9 from inside CAS360.
  • Directors Consent form - Added Consent form from NZ company director changes
  • Pending Director support - Added identifies to show if a directors appointment is pending in the officers screen
  • Pending Director transaction live check with Companies Office - If a Director transaction is pending CAS360 will do a live check with Companies Office to see this has approved
  • Added Director Document templates - Editable change of director templates added
  • Company Shareholder Live Check - CAS360 will check the companies shareholders with Companies Office when entering the shareholders screen
  • Company Shareholder Import - If CAS360 has different data to the Companies Office, CAS360 users can import the Companies Office data to correct the company
  • Company Shareholder extensive shareholding support - Users can flag a company as having extensive shareholdings if required by Companies Office
  • Company Shareholder transaction document pack - CAS360 prepares a number of documents required for company shareholder transactions including minutes, resolutions, registers and certificates
  • Change of Company Shareholding electronic filing support - File share transactions electronic with NZ companies office
  • Editable Shareholder documents - CAS360 shareholder documents for NZ shareholder changes are editable in MS Word
  • Document Production - Changs Summary - Addresses - All new changes summary for NZ change of company addresses
  • Document Production - Changs Summary - Directors - All new changes summary for NZ change of company directors
  • Document Production - Changs Summary - Shareholders - All new changes summary for NZ change of company shareholders
  • Documents screen - upload attachment and file with Companies Office - Users can now upload attachments and then file this directly with the Companies Office, perfect for Officer consents
  • File with NZ companies office on Documents screen - Ability to file with Companies Office and get an instant response on the Documents screen.
  • Companies Office filing receipts - When filing a change with NZ Companies office CAS360 will always create a printable receipt of the transaction
  • Filing Notifications - When a document is file with Companies Office the user will receive a notification of the response in Notifications
  • New Annual Return Listing Report - New report shows all Annual Return information for NZ companies
  • DocuSign Support for NZ Companies Office forms - Now the firm’s clients can use DocuSign to sign all Companies Office documents (and all CAS360 supporting documents) without having to manually add the mark up themselves
  • New Annual Returns screen - New screen specifically designed for NZ Annual Return processing
  • Ability to filter Annual Returns by month - The Annual Returns screen allows the users to filter the returns by a required month
  • Annual Return Comparison Report - Easily compare the CAS360 company data with the Companies Office data before you prepare the return
  • Annual Return Document Pack - CAS360 prepares an annual return document pack with cover letter, solvency and Annual Return.
  • Annual Return overdue check - CAS360 will check to see if the Annual Return is overdue with Companies Office
  • Annual Return extensive shareholding support - If the Company meets extensive shareholding requirements this is supported in CAS360
  • Annual Return Filing - Ability to electronically file the Annual Return with the Companies Office from directly in CAS360.
  • NZ postcode list supported - Added a new and updated NZ post code list to CAS360
  • Multi Company Changes Support - Multi company changes will also prepare NZ company documents
  • AUS Directorships on comparison report - AUS directorships will be identified on comparison reports in CAS360
  • NZ Email Templates added - All new NZ email templates added to CAS360 for emailing documents to clients
  • NZ Document Templates added - All new NZ document templates added to CAS360
  • NZ Help Documentation - All new help docs available for NZ users
  • NZ training manuals - All new NZ training manuals for NZ users.





Does anyone have issues with previewing the documents after the update?

Hi Anita

Which web browser are you using?

Jeremy Hofsteede

Hi Jeremy,

We are using Internet Explorer.

Hi Anita

We have put out a fix for Internet explorer.
This should now be working for you.

Kind Regards


For the Email templates, is there a way to select the type of template when creating a new version (i.e. choosing either Modern or Classic).

When I go to ‘Create New’ it automatically selects the Classic Template.

I’ve tried to copy and paste the text from the Modern template, but the formatting goes weird and isn’t easy to fix up.


Hi @l.owens

Thank you for your post

At this stage you will only get the ‘Classic’ Template when your click on Create New.

We can easily add this for you, please send me an email and we can help out.

Kind Regards,