CAS360 Version 49 has been released!

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 49 has been released

Here are the New Features


Welcome to version 2 of CAS360 notifications

We have completely rewritten how notifications work and added a number of new features to improve how you use CAS360 notifications

  • Scrolling Notifications - Users can now see ALL notifications inside the notifications drop down. Users can scroll through all notifications they have received and even action all notifications
  • Powerful Search - Users can now search through all notifications that they have received, making it easier than ever to find notifications related to a specific company, lodgement, document or even individual.
  • Time stamp - Users can now see exactly when a notification has been received by holding the mouse over the notification
  • All notifications v Unread notifications - Users can now filter notifications buy selecting all notifications or just the unread notifications.
  • Label Filters - Users can now have their notifications filter by labels. If you are already using labels to filter companies in your company screen these labels are now applied to your notifications.

Cover Letters

We have now added a cover letter template for all company change transactions.

If you are currently preparing cover letters outside of CAS360 you can now upload your existing templates into CAS360 and add the necessary merge fields and you can prepare your cover letters in the same process as the rest of the document pack.

Users are able to customise this template by changing the wording, layout, even adding firm logos and branding. As always CAS360 allows you to store unlimited variations of the template and apply templates to specific company / trust labels.

Best of all, the cover letter is smart enough to know if you have removed or changed the order of the document in the pack. The letter will automatically change to reflect these changes. Try it out. :slight_smile:

BPAY and PostBillPay import

When a company in CAS360 has received an ASIC invoice we will now automatically add the BPAY and PostBillPay details to the company in CAS360.

This also allows more companies to make use of the ‘Pay now’ button to quickly pay outstanding ASIC fees.

CAS360 has always added these details when an annual review is received from ASIC CAS360.

Annual Review screen improvements

Users are now able to see the company ACN and the ASIC annual review invoice amount in the Annual Reviews screen.

Users can now also sort the column headings in the review screen (company name, company number, invoice amount & comparison result)

Link Company contact to a Company

Users can now link an existing contact company to a company in the companies screen.

This link improves reporting and multi company documents in CAS360, and also improves the quality of integrations with practice management systems such as XPM

New Version Available - Refresh

CAS360 users who are still logged in when the update is released will receive a pop-up message asking them to refresh their browser.

This should solve support calls where certain functions don’t work until the browser is refreshed.

New Merge Fields

We have added more new merge fields including

  • ${entityName} - This will display the company or trust name - Available on all documents
  • ${entityAddress} - This will display the company or trust address - Available on all documents
  • ${documentDatePlus2Weeks} - This will show a date 2 weeks from the Annual Review Document prepared date - Available on Annual Review cover letter template

I hate to be the one making a negative comment here because I appreciate that a lot of work has been put into the notifications which has given us some great new features… however I’m not liking the way the action buttons on the notifications scroll out to the left. I find it annoying to have to wait until they stop moving until I can click on them. I’m not sure if there’s any need for this scrolling action. At first I thought it was to stop the buttons covering up the text on the left but I noticed that the text on the left just wraps to the next line once the buttons extend.

Also, 9 out of 10 times I just want to “Archive” (hide) the notification so it’s a backward step to now have to do two clicks to achieve what we could previously do with one click.

Just wondering if I’m just being hard to please or whether other users feel the same? :slight_smile:

*Edit - I just realised I probably should be clicking Mark as Read rather than Archive. However Archive makes them disappear off the Unread tab immediately and Mark as Read doesn’t seem to take effect until you click off the tab.


The two tabs “all/unread” are good and handy, but I agree with you that the mark as read and archive functionality seems to be double-handling. One would think marking something as read was doing just that.
Also, the hover-scroll function is fiddly, agreed.

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I might be being a little dense here, but why would I / what is the benefit to linking “contact company” to “company” - I don’t see how this matters or affects any standard processes?


Hi Everyone

Thank you for the feedback with the notifications.
We are going to be making further improvements to this feature in coming releases and are looking at the hover and read/archive functions.
In terms of the linking companies we received a few requests to be able to show a link between a company in the companies list for a company contact, as you can create that link when first setting up the contact but not after we added it in.
Appreciate all the feedback

Kind Regards
Jeremy and the CAS360 team


In CAS desktop, if the company contact was linked to a company, it used to recognise the links when the company address was updated and also update the contact at the same time. That was a great feature!

I’m not exactly sure how the link works in CAS360 but it does say it improves the “multi company documents” which is where you change addresses. Perhaps it has a similar benefit.

One thing I noticed is that if you set up a company contact in the contact area you can link it to a company. If you add a company contact through the ‘Click to add new’ button when processing a transaction there is no way to link it to an existing company.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me guys, greatly appreciated. I just couldn’t get my head around it haha

What we were also trying to do with the unread and archive.
Is how you would search these going forward.
Archive: would disappear from the list and not be searchable, sort of disregard or get rid of the notification from the search.
Read/Unread: Still be searchable, really to mark as being processed or actioned

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That makes a lot of sense.
I know that for myself then, I would rarely be archiving notifications unless they were for something that has been completed and I’ll never need to go back and look for in the future.

So long as the information that is received is captured in some manner against the company in Documents or somewhere, archiving shouldn’t be an issue.

Hi Laneth

You will still be able to see these in the messages screen on the left in CAS360 which keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing communications in CAS360, they will just be excluded from the notifications dropdown.

Kind Regards
Jeremy Hofsteede

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Excellent, that’s what I wanted to hear <3 Thanks for clearing all this up @Jeremy_H!