CAS360 Version 48 has been released!

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 48 has been released - Here are the New Features

Documents screen Speed - We have completely re-written the backend of the Global Documents screen to allowing firms to load thousands of documents in a fraction of second.

Documents screen Search - We have also enhanced the search in the documents screen. You have always been able to search for Companies by name or Document trace numbers. You can now search by Document Status, Document Type and you can even search for text in the Changes Summary. So you if you know the directors name just type their name and you will see all their documents across all Companies.

RA62 Report - You can now export the RA62 report. The report is broken up into 3 categories. Companies in CAS360 and on your ASIC list, Companies in CAS360 and not on your agent list and Companies not in CAS360 and on your agent list. This report can be exported to PDF and Excel.

Notifications - We have refreshed the look and feel of the notifications screen, making it cleaner and more user friendly.

Doughnuts - The shareholders screen is now sweeter with the introduction of Doughnuts. These replace the outgoing pie charts. The Doughnut will now show you the total number of shares issues for each share type, and if you hover over a shareholders area of the Doughnut you will see how many shares they hold of that share type. Delicious.

Account Kit Integration - This integration allows firms using AccountKit to see CAS 360 company Annual Review status, document deadlines, ASIC company debt list and documents awaiting lodgement to ASIC in CAS 360 from inside AccountKit.

Merge Fields - Added support for Reference and Customer Number on the Annual Review cover letter. Also we have added support for Annual Review date merge fields on all docx templates.

Changes to Deactivated Companies Policy - We have changed to deactivated Companies policy for monthly subscribers. The new policy is now the same as annual subscribers. Now companies that have been deactivated within the subscription period will only count until the anniversary of the subscription period. Once this anniversary has passed the counter will be reset back to 0. This replaces the rolling monthly policy.

Other improvements / Errors corrected

  • Added the ability to add ‚Äėother entity‚Äô contacts to beneficial owner section for incorporations
  • Added security enhancements
  • Updates to Country list to include ISO3166 updates
  • Resolved issue when sending Annual Review twice via DocuSign would read the first annual review
  • Resolved issue with Comparison report would mismatch members with more than one share class
  • Company report will no longer show unitholders section when trustee has not unitholders
  • Removed Shareholders from printed comparison report of Public Companies
  • Resolved issue where contact details changes would not trigger change to integrations
  • Resolved issue in Document Production that would show blank space in options
  • Resolved issue when similar names labels were being incorrectly selected
  • Trustee Resolution will now be defaulted to resolution not minute‚Ķ Oops

TL / DR - CAS360 now more awesome, Documents screen fast, Doughnuts.


Morning Warren, there’s some good stuff there, thanks!
I just noticed however that form 480s show up in the Due for Lodgement filters, can these be removed?

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Hi Emily

Can you email me an example company that has this issue please


Already loving the quicker documents screen & looking forward to utilising other improvements but I‚Äôm having trouble with lodging documents in that I can no longer see any ‚ÄėLODGE‚Äô buttons. Has this process changed with the upgrade?

Hi Sarah

Can you refresh the browser please.
That should resolve the issue


Thanks Jeremy, that worked & my lodge buttons are back

Hi Emily

The filters should now be fixed for you.