CAS360 Version 47 is now Live

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 47 is now Live, where is whats new…

CAS360 New Infrastructure

We have just released CAS360 with a whole new infrastructure. This has been written from the ground up removing a huge amount of legacy code, hard coded application parameters and application dependencies. This also includes all new security layer, all new application startup, new database connection pool and new connections with AWS, (SQS, S3) CES (Central Email Server) DigiSign, and a new connection to SSO. In this process we also upgraded all development components this includes going to the latest version of Java, latest version of Spring and the latest version of Angular

So… what does this actually mean? CAS360 is lighter, faster and more secure.

Company Name Reservations

Firms can now Reserve company names with ASIC in CAS360. This feature includes big changes to the company registrations screen. We have added a new Name Reservations tab allowing a firm to see all reserved names with a countdown to when the reservation expires. Reservation extensions can also be prepared and lodged with ASIC.

Name reservations can be linked to existing Business Names and even flagged for manual review by ASIC at the time of preparation

Reserved Company names can now also be used in the Company Registration process with incredible simplicity.

Name Reservations for unregistered companies can only be lodged by firms with a digital signature certificate (for more info click here)

For companies that are already registered we have also added Company Name reservations for Name Reservations extensions. These new features can be found in the Name Registrations screen for each company.

Help link for Unregistered Companies

Help link for Registered Companies

New date system

We have added a whole new date system in CAS360. This includes changing all date fields in CAS360 (yes all 200 of them). The new date input field is much easier and simpler to use, it also allows for a number of different date variations to be entered with the system quickly snapping the data in the required format (try writing ‘21 Feb’ or ‘210219’ in the date field)

We have also added a new date picker, allowing users to enter dates by clicking through our custom designed calendar.

Help Link

Direct Links in Document Review

When a document is sent for review, when the reviewer clicks on the email, they will be taken directly to the document once they have logged in. If the reviewer is already logged in its even faster to go straight to the document.

RA51 Lodgement

Company Incorporators can rejoice with this one. CAS360 now allows you to re-request the Company Registrations certificate if ASIC are taking their time sending it through.

Note - you can only re-request a certificate if you don’t already have it and you will need the ACN for the request.

Help Link

New Email Template for 'Email me a DocuSign copy’

A new Email template has been added to CAS360 allowing firms to customise the email that is sent when a client clicks on ‘Send me a copy’ of the DocuSign Signed Documents.

Help Link

Form 492 / 902 - Electronic lodgement to correct more documents

Agents can now prepare and electronically lodge form 492 or 902 in response to more ASIC documents. These now include

  • Form 203 - Change to Address
  • Form 284 - Cancellation of shares
  • Form 304 - Change to Officers
  • Form 316 - Annual Return
  • Form 485 - Solvency Statement

Help Link


TL:DR - CAS360 now more awesome