CAS360 Version 46 has been released!

Hi All,

The CAS360 team are still working hard in 2018 and we have released our 23rd and final update.

CAS360 Version 46 - 19/12/2018

New Features

  • Notes on Companies Screen - You can now view, add and edit company notes directly on the Companies screen.
  • Notes on Annual Reviews Screen - You can also view add and edit company notes on the Annual Review screen, allowing you to ensure you have checked everything before completing the annual review.
  • Trust Notes - You can now add notes to Trusts
  • Notes on Trusts Screen - Similar to Companies, you can now view, add and edit trust notes directly on the Trusts screen.
  • Debt Check - CAS360 will now check the debt for a specific company when an annual review has been received. This means the debt will be updated in real time when the statement is issued.
  • Notes enhancements - You can now add a note title, all notes are auto saved, timestamped and user stamped.
  • Improved company imports from RA72 and via APIs to reduce duplicates
  • Company Report has been updated to include note titles
  • Standardised all merge fields for Beneficial Owners across all documents
  • New merge fields for Solvency resolution