CAS360 Version 43 has been released

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 43 has been released

New Features Include

  • Flag Incorporation for Manual Review - It is now possible to flag a company incorporation for manual review when lodging a form 201
  • Double checking of data from ASIC debt reports - When ASIC lets us know that a company no longer has debt via an RA68, CAS360 will lodge an RA63 to verify that the debt has been paid.
  • Improvements to Trust vesting dates - Trust vesting dates have been improved to better keep track of this information
  • New merge fields for document templates - You can now choose to use first name proper case last name upper case and long date formats
  • New email merge fields for showing email recipients - You can now choose to show Recipients, CC Recipients and BCC Recipients in email templates
  • Improvements to the appearance of share register when a single shareholder has a lot of share transactions
  • Improvements to share/unit registered when share description is the same.
  • Added support for the reference field in the dividend / distribution statement
  • Added a search to the find matches screen
  • Updated the wording on the application for shares and application for units