CAS360 Version 38 has been released

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 38 has been released

New Features Include

  • Re-Send DocuSign documents - You can now re-send DocuSign documents from the Company Deadline Alert Reminders.

  • Track signing status - You can now track the DocuSign signing status from the Company Deadline Alert Reminders.

  • New Email Template - A new email template has been added for Digital Signing Document Deadline Reminders.

  • Edit label names - You can now edit the name of the label in the Manage Labels screen.

  • Notice Of Members Meeting - You can now prepare a Notice Of Members Meeting along with other shareholder transaction documents.

  • New Merge fields for Officer appointment dates - You can now choose to include the Officer appointment dates in the Minutes, Resolution and Consent to act with the new merge fields.

  • New Merge fields for long-form date - A new merge field for long-form date (Day then Month) has been added.

  • Document Reminders including DocuSign documents can now be sent from the Documents Screen

  • Document Status field is now searchable

  • 26 other improvements and fixes




where is the manage labels screen?

Hi Kelly,

On the Companies screen on the left - there is a button ‘Manage Labels’

In this screen you can apply labels in bulk to companies, and now you can edit the label name

Hope this helps