CAS360 Version 37 has been released!

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 37 has been released to clients

New Features Include

  • ASIC Form 405 - You can now prepare ASIC Form 405 - Statement to verify financial statements of a foreign company.

  • Consent to act as public officer - You can now prepare the consent to act as public officer in the Company Registration Post-Incorp Documents process.

  • Add address and birth details when appointing an officer - You can now enter the missing address or birth details of an existing contact from the Officers screen when you are appointing an officer.

  • Include premiums in the amount paid column in the Unitholders Register - You can now choose to include the premium amounts in the amount paid column in the Unitholders Register.

  • Suppress data in Company Report - You can now prepare a Company Report that does not contain addresses or birth details.

  • 14 Other improvements and fixes


I think I have missed something here. How/Where do I include premium amounts?

Hi @stephanie

When preparing documents for a unitholder transaction, on the Register of Unitholders document click on ‘Options’

Inside Options, toggle on ‘Show total amount paid including premium’

Hope this helps


Thanks, so it is only available when you are making a change?

Is it planned to make this option available when printing from reports? :slight_smile:

Hi @stephanie

You can toggle on any transaction and prepare the Register at any time.

We will make this available via the reports screen in future updates.