CAS360 Version 36 has been released

Hi All,

CAS360 Version 36 has been released

New Features Include

  • ASIC Invoice Company Alerts - You can now see ASIC invoice information in the Company Debt alert filters

  • ASIC Invoice in Documents Screen - You can now see all ASIC invoices you have received in the Documents Screen

  • Annual Review Invoice - You can now send the official ASIC Annual Review Invoice via the CAS360 Company Debt reminder

  • Resolution Date format - CAS360 will now remember the last used Resolution Date Format for your user account

  • Acis. and CAS360 Integration - Users can now link Acis and CAS360 together. This will allow you to use CAS360 data when creating Companies and Trusts in Acis. Users will also be able to push newly created entities from Acis to CAS360.

  • Added editable template for Document Review

  • Add infinite loading to Messages | Inbox screen

  • Added hover so users can see long trust names in full

  • Improvements to Share certificate on Company Registrations

  • 11 Other improvements and fixes


Hey @WarrenRenden,

This is an exciting update!

Just to clarify - with the Annual Review Invoice reminder, I imagine that this would apply for annual reviews received from today going forward?

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Hello @Laneth

Yes that’s right! From now on the Annual Review Invoices will also appear in the debt alerts.


Hi @andytamBGL

Further to the above - when lodging the 201 / 6010 / 410 / 205A, will CAS360 be receiving the ASIC invoices for these directly and providing us a separate notification for such, rather than us having to go into documents > attachments or the portal to collect the invoice?

Hello @Laneth

That is correct, except for Form 201.

ASIC now only accepts direct debit or pre-paid trading accounts using direct credit as the payment method for Form 201.

The invoice that will be received in CAS360 for those lodgements will be the direct debit invoice.

There will not be a separate notification for those ones.