CAS360 Version 33 has been released

Hi All,

CAS360 version 33 has been released!

New Features Include

  • Company Import Options - Users can now select and deselect the company data is imported from ASIC. Users can also select to have this data imported in Upper case or Proper case.

  • Import share transactions on Registration Date - Users can now import share transactions for companies and make the transaction date the Company Registration date

  • ASIC form 2560 - Users can now prepare ASIC form 2560 for return of capital transactions

  • ASIC form 211 - Uses can now prepare ASIC form 211 for share class conversion transactions

  • Annual Review due date - Users can now see the Annual Review due date in the Global Documents screen

  • Add Labels when adding a new Company - Users can now add a Label to a Company when it is being added to CAS360

  • Post-Incorp documents - Added ASIC Form 362, Officers Register, Members Register, Notice of Public Officer appointment

  • Select Date range on RA61 - Users can now set a specific date range on the Annual Review listing report from ASIC.

  • Corporate Key - Added the option to show the on the CAS360 Annual Review

  • Merging of duplicate Contacts is back :wink:

  • New Reports screens that improve the counter and allows you to search and make selections.

  • Added Annual Review Due Date to the Annual Review Listing Report

  • Added new Partner, Reference, Client Number, and Current Client status fields to Company Listing Report.

  • Added merge fields for long form dates (i.e Monday, January 1st, 2018) for all documents and emails templates

  • Added merge fields for the Company Constitution to include all shareholder data.

  • Added a merge field for Company Representative

  • Added a warning message if a contact is deleted while connected to SF360 or XPM

  • Hand cursor won’t appear on tables when you can’t click

  • 32 Other improvements and errors corrected