CAS360 - September 2021 Release

Hi All,

The September 2021 CAS360 Update is now live

Here are the new features

All regions

  • Suspicious file upload - files are now virus scanned when uploaded
  • Sticky table headings have been added to all main screens, including Companies and Documents screens, now the headings will be pinned at the top of the table.
  • Company Notes has been re-designed with a whole new look
  • SMS Messages UI have been re-designing with a slick new look
  • Enhancements have been made to all minutes and resolutions for share and unit transactions.
  • Total Amount Paid on shares / units has been added to the shareholder / unitholders screens
  • Decimal places and thousands separators added for share and unit certificates
  • Added Comma support to all minutes and resolution templates for Directors, Trustees, Members, Unitholders.
  • People Group report enhancements for Trust Relationship information
  • Company Listing Report settings are now dynamic based on the firm
  • Address Usage report will now show every possible linked address
  • Added support for Malaysia, BVI, Cayman Islands and Hong Kong document and email templates


  • Company Incorporations - All ASIC agents can now lodge company incorporations via CAS360 for just the ASIC fee!
    • The digital certificate requirement has been removed by ASIC
    • Updated ASIC lodgements for Form 201, 410 and RA55
    • Remove RA53 (as its not needed)
    • Added link to download ASIC direct debt form as this is required for Company Registrations

New Zealand

  • Compliance Tab added for Trusts
    • Step 1 - CDD Required
    • Step 2 - Nature of Business Relationship
    • Step 3 - Individuals attached to trusts
    • Step 4 - Risk assessment for the Trust
  • Trust information added to Compliance Report
  • Trust information added to Compliance Listing Report
  • Added an additional documents upload section Compliance Tab for individuals
  • Added the ability to download documents in the compliance tab for companies and trusts
  • Annual Return listing report improvements
  • Added the ability to include/exclude the Compliance and Due Diligence section of the Compliance Report


  • AGM Documents added
    • AGM - Directors Meeting Minutes or Resolution
    • AGM - Notice of Directors Meeting
    • AGM - Member Meeting Minutes or Resolution
    • AGM - Notice of Members AGM
    • AGM - Members Consent to short notice
    • AGM - Annual Statement Certificate
  • Prepare Annual Return and Documents modal Updated
    • Added auditor re-appointment option
    • UI and Validation improvements
    • Improved Auditor drop down
    • Able to now delete attachments
  • Confirm Lodgement modal updated
    • Added the ability to select uploaded XBRL documents
    • Added the ability to upload a copy of the financial statements
    • Automated initie AR process run before the screen is loaded
    • Lodgement authority improvements
  • Officers register will now use officeholders alternate address if it exists