CAS360 September 2020 Release Notes

Hi All,

The CAS360 September release will go live on Wednesday 30/9

Full Release Blog post is here

New Feature Highlights

All Document Export - Users can now export all company documents at the click of a button. So, now when a company wants their documents or moves to another accountant, users are now able to export all the documents and provide these documents. This feature has also been added to trusts in CAS 360.

New Zealand Multi-Company Changes Support

Users can now prepare company changes via Multi-Company Changes for NZ Companies. Best of all the same changes work perfectly across AU and NZ companies. Magic.

New Features include


  • Export all Company Documents
  • Export all Trust Documents
  • New Reports screen
    • Also added columns to the Trust Reports / Trust Listing report UI
  • Current Register of Unitholders
  • Ability to select Current / Historical Register when preparing Officer changes
  • Go to contact button added to beneficial owners hover for share and units
  • All subscription links now will take the user to MyBGL
  • Refactor of all CAS360 pages to improve consistency in fonts, spacing, error messages, saving/loading messages
  • Moved 'Representing {CompanyName} to a second line on Minutes / Resolutions


  • ASIC Form 370 support
  • Improvements for Comparison Report
    • Improvements for share classes with ā€œ
    • Improvements for lower case share classes
  • Improved Name Extension where multi RC05s are received.

New Zealand

  • Multi-Company Changes Support
    • NZ Company Registered Address Change
    • NZ Company Address for Service Change
    • NZ Company Officer Change
    • NZ Company Officer Change for AU company with NZ Directors
    • NZ Company Officer Secretary Change
  • Send Annual Return Reminder Support
    • Send via Email
  • New Register of Member Settings
    • Show Premium Paid
    • Show Historical Data
    • Show in Date order
    • Add Premium to amount paid
    • Register name order
  • Added Reference Number to NZ AR
  • Added Status filters to NZ AR screen
  • Pre-Fill signing contact for NZ AR
  • New NZ Annual Return cover letter template


  • Added Support for Singapore Company Activities
  • Added more ID types for SG Officers modal
  • New Validations for SG Nominator
  • Added SG Nominator to ā€˜iā€™ hover
  • Improved Support for Companies as Officers

So keen for this update, well done folks!