CAS360 November 2020 Release Notes

Hi All,

The CAS360 November Update is now Live.

Here is the release blog

And here are the amazing new features


Customise Company Screen Columns

You now have control over the columns that are shown on the Company Screen.
Click on ‘Filter Columns’ on the company screen and you can create your own personalised screen.

Google Addresses Integration

When adding an address in CAS360 we now have some little help from Google to add the address easily.


New Contacts screen

  • Expanded Contacts features for more international support
  • Expanded Contact ID
  • Expended Contact Communication Details, with the ability to store multiple emails/phone numbers etc.
  • Added ability to store identity information in CAS360

Trust Import spreadsheet

  • You can now download our Trust spreadsheet template and add your trust data. Once this is done, log a call with BGL and we will import the information into CAS360. Unlocking the amazing CAS360 Trusts features.

New Help button

  • With direct links to AU & NZ help, Gettings Started, Training, Server Status


  • New Feedback modal design with the ability to paste text in


  • ASIC invoice added to Company Name Change
  • Improved invoices to use the same template for all instances
  • Added support for trace numbers of solvency resolutions
  • Improvements made to the handling of old RA forms


  • AML / CDD Compliance

    • Store and record all AML / CDD compliance information for a company or contact
  • Phase 2 of NZ Multi-Company Changes

    • Contact Address Changes - Directors/Shareholders
    • Communication Address Changes
    • Updated groupings in Multi-Company Changes dropdown menu


  • Annual Return lodgement
    • Added support for XBRL financials
    • Added support for Filing Agent initiated ARs
    • Added support for Filing Agent filed ARs
  • Contacts information Support

Oooh, keen for this update! Some really interesting features being added :slightly_smiling_face: