CAS360 New Features Webinar - February 2021

Hi All,

Thank you for those that attended the CAS360 New Features webinar on February 17th

Here is a link to the recording

Features covered in the session

Feb 17 2021 Release

Changes for The Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Bill 2020 was passed by Parliament in February 2020.

What is changing?

Last Remaining Officer

From 18 February 2021, companies will no longer be able to cease the last remaining director on ASIC records… To enforce this, lodgements submitted using a Form 484 Change to company details, or Form 370 Notification by officeholder of resignation or retirement, to cease the last appointed director without replacing that appointment will be rejected.

There are some exceptions to this, including if:

  • the last director is deceased

  • the company is being wound up or under external administration; and

  • the officeholder never consented to the appointment

Late Cessation

In addition, if a director’s cessation date is notified to ASIC more than 28 days after the effective date (e.g. director resigned on 1 April 2020, they notify ASIC on 1 November 2020), then the effective date will be overridden and replaced with the lodgement date (i.e. 1 November 2020). Late fees still apply to the Change of company details form in this scenario. Directors can apply to ASIC or the Court to change a resignation date. These changes are intended to stop directors deliberately backdating cessations to avoid legal responsibility to creditors.

November 2020 Release New Features

Customise Company Screen Columns

  • You now have control over the columns that are shown on the Company Screen.
  • Click on ‘Filter Columns’ on the company screen and you can create your own personalised screen.

Google Addresses Integration

  • When adding an address in CAS360 we now have some little help from Google to add the address easily.

New Contacts screen

  • Expanded Contacts features for more international support
  • Expanded Contact ID
  • Expended Contact Communication Details, with the ability to store multiple emails/phone numbers etc.
  • Added ability to store identity information in CAS360

Trust Import spreadsheet

  • You can now download our Trust spreadsheet template and add your trust data. Once this is done, log a call with BGL and we will import the information into CAS360. Unlocking the amazing CAS360 Trusts features.

New Help button

  • With direct links to AU & NZ help, Gettings Started, Training, Server Status

ASIC invoice added to Company Name Change

  • Improved invoices to use the same template for all instances

Feb 2021 Release New Features

  • Register of Trust Relationships
  • Register of Trust Events
  • New Unit Allotment Journal for unit trust allotment transactions
  • New Unit Transfer Journal for unit trust transfer transactions
  • Contact Enhancements
    • Added support for ‘Other Names’
      • Casual Name
      • Chinese Name
      • Chinese Alias
      • Other
    • Added support for ‘Occupation’
    • New Contact Identification
      • China ID
      • HK ID
      • Macau ID
      • Malaysia I/C
      • SG NRIC
      • SG FIN
      • Employment Pass
      • Passport Details
      • Other
    • New Birth Details modal
      • Includes Date of Birth
      • Place of Birth
      • Nationality
      • Date of Death
    • New Company Numbers / Identifiers
      • Company Contacts can now support a range of company numbers from different regions
        • NZBN
        • IRD
        • UEN
        • Company Number
        • Other
    • New Registration Details modal for Contact Companies
      • Date of Incorporation
      • Place of Incorporation
      • Date of Deregistratoin
  • Enhancements to unit trust unitholder minutes and resolutions
  • Information icon and popovers added for Trust Relationships & Trust Beneficiaries
  • International mobile phone number support
  • International SMS notifications support
  • Improved filters in the Pending Outbox screen
  • Trust Report improvements including support for Trust Events


  • ASIC search when new Australian company
  • Set ‘Include Previous Names on form 484?’ to OFF by default
  • Shareholders who are within top 20 for a proprietary company on form 484 C4 for allotment
  • ASIC Form 405, 406, and 490 PDF can be exported un-flattened