CAS360 New Features Webinar - August 2020

Hi All,

Here is a recording of the CAS360 New Features webinar in August 2020

Releases covered in this new features webinar

March 2020 Release

  • ‘Go to Contact’ button added to Officers ‘i’ icon

  • Show the currency of share in Shareholders if the currency is not the same as the jurisdiction

  • Added merge field for email templates use today’s date in the subject

  • Added merge fields for Document Review Template (Reviewer FirstName)

  • Display Entity type details in warning message when deleting a contact

  • Re-Process Annual reivew added in Documents screen to easily set the Review back to the review screen

May 2020 Release

  • Added Trust Relationships Screen

    • You can now add all the relationships to a Trust
      • Trustee
      • Appointor
      • Settlor
      • Accountant
      • Auditor
      • Bank
      • Business Name
      • Investment Advisor
      • Lawyer
      • Liquidator
    • You can now prepare appointment and cease documents for all trust relationship transactions
  • You can now have multiple contacts attached to every relationship type (Yay!)

  • Added the ability to attach the Trust Deed inside Trust Details

  • Added Support for More Australian Trust Types

    • Bare Trust
    • Hybrid Trusts
    • Unit and Discretionary (already supported)
  • Added Jurisdictions to Trusts

  • Added new Jurisdiction filters to Trusts screen

  • Improved Trust Screen filters

  • Added support for De-activated Trusts

  • New Signatories service, with new validations for adding joint member representatives inside Document Production

  • Added Alternate Director information to the Officers Register

June 2020 Release

  • Adobe Sign Integration
  • Email notifications
  • Shareholder / Unitholder information hover
    • You can now see information about the shareholder in the shareholders screen and also go to the contact record of the shareholder easily.
  • Added name under signing line on Share / Unit Transfer forms
  • Annual Review Deadline Alert - 60 Days
  • Added BPAY validations for invoices
  • First Directors Minutes or Resolution - add support for the Ultimate Holding Company paragraph
  • Comparison Report - Improved alignment of Shareholders

July 2020 Release

  • Trust Events
    • New Tab added inside every trust
    • You can now store and record all asset, liability, gifting, income, and expense transactions for a trust.
    • Add transactions for capital improvements, changes in value, forgiving of loans.
    • Prepare supporting documents to all trust events
  • Trust Documents tab
    • A dedicated tab for all documents prepared and uploaded into a trust
  • Specify the number of decimal places on Share and Unit Registers
    • Users can now select how many decimal places are share or unit register will show for amounts paid
  • Order Members Register
    • You can now select the Members register to be in First Name, Surname or Surname, First Name order.
  • New Officers Screen
    • We have re-written the Company Officers screen, the screen will now have better performance and feel.