CAS360 Merging duplicate addresses

Hi there, are we able to merge addresses in CAS360 yet?


Is there any update on this query. We are in the process of doing a data clean up and this is one of the issues we have with CAS360. Also the ability in Contacts to see the relationships i.e. when I select an address it tells me that the address is used in 1 record but it does not have a link or a list of where that address is used (the name of the person/company) so that I can quickly find the entity involved. Does anyone know a quick way of finding the person/company?

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Hi @GJH4680

There no update on this feature at this stage. However it is high on our wishlist and something we want to add. Also as part of the address consolidation feature we would like to show the Address usage on screen.

In regards to finding where the address is being used, you can see this in Reports -> Address Usage Report.

Hope this helps