CAS360 - May 2022 Release

Hi All,

The CAS360 - May 2022 Release will go live in the coming day or so

Here are the release notes


  • Company Label search added to company selection
  • Multiple Changes - when changing a companies address, you can now also change contacts also using that address
  • Improved information hover for joint members
  • Added merge fields for Partner First and Last Name
  • Added “Signing Contact” to company columns filter list\
  • Added the ability to prepare a Company Report from Addresses, Officers & Shareholders screens
  • Added the ability to Download all documents in seperate PDFs
  • Added Drag and Drop functionality to Document Production
  • Added Company Status to Company Listing Report (MS XLS export)
  • Register of Officers can now be exported to MS Word
  • Company Officers API will show all officers (not just appointed officers)
  • Contact ID types are now sorted in Alphabetical order
  • Updated email editor component
  • Trust listing report improvements
  • Trust events linking UI improvements
  • Prepare Agent Forms droplist is now dynamic depending on data in the CAS360 account.
  • Updated Inbox Messages UI


  • Electronic Lodgement of ASIC form 490
  • Resolution to adopt replaceable rules for AUS Company Incorporation
  • Director ID improvements
    • Added Director ID input into Company Registration flow
    • Added Director ID input in to Companies Officers appointment flow
    • Updated Director ID Due Date calculation for new Directors appointed after April 5th 2022
  • Added option to hide corporate key at an agent level
  • Improved Document Date for ASIC form 388
  • Added Sample constitutions for preview for LightYear Docs and SmarterSMSF when purchasing constitutions
  • Debt Alert modal will now show amounts rounded to two decimal places
  • Added a ‘Mark as Paid’ button to company Debt alerts for the user to manually update the alert
  • Added share structure to Comparison report .docx and PDF
  • Added user who lodged the form to the end of the validation report notifications.
  • Check Annual Review Status before sending automated debt reminders
  • Sticky header on Automation Report Modal
  • Registrable Bodies can now prepare the full set of shareholder documents

New Zealand

  • Ability to upload documents for share transactions
  • Ability to lodge share transaction attachment with Companies Office
  • NZ Companies Office connection improvements
  • Agent screen improvements


  • Company Registrations
    • Whole new UI and workflow for Company Registrations in Singapore
    • Pre Incorp Document Pack includes
      • Form 7 - Certificate of Identity
      • Form 18 - Statuary declaration before incorporation
      • Form 24 - Return of allotment of shares
      • Form 44 - Notice of Situation of Registered Office
      • Form 49 - Return giving Officers Particulars
    • Post Incorp Document Pack includes
      • Share Certificates
      • Bank Account Opening minutes
      • Declaration that the company has not traded
      • Constitution / Articles of Association
  • Singapore Auditor Document Support
    • Appointment of Auditor
    • Resignation of Auditor
    • Removal of Auditor
    • Other (Cessation of Auditor)
  • Share Transactions Improvements
    • New Share Transactions screen for all transaction types
      • Allotments
      • Subscriptions
      • Share Transfers
      • Sub Divisions
      • Return of Capital
      • Changes to Amounts Paid
      • Consolidation
      • Conversion
      • Cancellations
      • Redemptions
      • Share Buy Backs
    • Share Documents / Report improvement’s for all improved transactions
      • Company Report improvements
      • Register of Member improvements
      • Shareholder Report improvements
      • Transfer Form improvements
      • Allotment Journal
  • Improvements for Dividends documents
  • Added Digital Signing support for Form 45 and 45B
  • Added Digital Signing support for Registrable Controller
  • Added a new process to easily Re-Appoint registrable controllers
  • Added a new appointment history view in the Registrable Controller screen
  • Improvements to SG PR Citizen / NRIC information in contacts screen
  • Officers screen Registers drop down now has a register for each position
  • Search Registers Improvements
  • New Minutes and Resolution for Officers template - Single column
  • New Minutes and Resolution for Members template - Single column
  • New Singapore Share Certificate template
  • Singapore Agent authorisation improvements

Hi @WarrenRenden - this address change feature doesn;t work, just tested it. When you toggle on the request to change contacts that use the same address, it will only change that contact if they are set out on a form 484. It doesn’t update trust contacts.

Hi @ewiltshire,

Thank you for your post, yep, we are aware that the non form contacts are still not being updated.

This is planned to be included in the next update. :grinning:


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