CAS360 - March 2022 Release

The CAS360 March 2022 release is now live!

This is a massive update with 56 new features going into our client’s hands across the :earth_asia:.

Including 4 whoppers :hamburger: that are being shown at RegTech this month.

Automated Debt reminders :robot_face::moneybag:

Welcome to the world of set and forget debt management for CAS360 firms, CAS360 collects all the invoices from ASIC, verify the ASIC balance, then automatically emails the company billing contact or directors the invoices. All automatically. And the next time the user logs in, they receive and email showing them all the recent emails that CAS360 has sent, or failed to send an why… its CASI MAGIC

Purchase Constitution :moneybag::page_with_curl:

Now in CAS360 you can purchase a company constitution at the click of a button, we have integrated SmarterSMSF, LightYear Docs and Entity Makers company constitutions.

Document Screen Filters :file_cabinet:

Now users can create their own document screen filters and save them, users can now drill down on any set of documents

2FA on Digital Signing :lock_with_ink_pen:
A much requested features, now all our 150+ documents have 2FA on digital signing an incredible feature for CAS360 clients.

New Features include


  • Document Screen filters
  • 2FA on Digital Signing
  • New UI for Electronic Signing Settings in Document Production
  • Ability to void a Digital Signing document
  • Sending Document Creator a completed document pack email
  • Practice Manager v2 support
  • .doc files supported in Document Production upload
  • Ability to turn off lodgement for some users
  • Joint Members and Trusts included in Multic Change processes
  • Users can now add future-dated address changes for future-dated shareholders
  • Improvements to balance certificates where Share / Unit classes are the same
  • Improvements to Chinese and Maori character support for emails sent from CAS360
  • Added support for Malaysian old company number
  • New {$smartFirstNameOnly} merge field of email templates
  • GET Officers API improvements
  • Address API now includes ‘care of’ field data


  • Automated Company Debt reminders
  • Automation Report
    • A new UI showing you all system automated emails sent (successfully and successfully) since your last log in
    • Automation Report can also be exported to MS Excel
  • Purchasable constitutions
    • Lightyear Docs Constitution support
    • Entity Makers Constitution support
    • SmarterSMSF Constitution support
  • Added Director ID Alert to Annual Review screen
  • Added the ability to cc Partner / Manager / Billing contact in Multi AR
  • Director ID letters in incorp pack
  • Director ID letter in office appointment
  • Director ID algorithm Support
  • Added consent to short notice for Company AGM
  • Allowing more than one annual review per year for a company
  • Added the ability to select the signing director on the Directors Declaration
  • Added Corpus Distribution to the Distribution types list
  • Added Corpus Distribution support to all trust distribution documents
  • Added support for Director ID due dates merge fields in both Director ID email templates
    • DirectorIdDueDate - ${DirectorIdDueDate}
    • DirectorIdDueDateWithNameOfDay - ${DirectorIdDueDateWithNameOfDay}
    • DirectorIdDueDateNoCommas - ${DirectorIdDueDateNoCommas}
    • DirectorIdDueDateDdMmYyyy - ${DirectorIdDueDateDdMmYyyy}
    • DirectorIdDueDateDdMmmmYyyy - ${DirectorIdDueDateDdMmmmYyyy}

New Zealand

  • Updated NZ form 9
  • Improvements to Bulk Annual Return processing
  • Added the ability to cc Partner / Manager / Billing contact in Multi AR
  • ID verification integration improvements (integration not live yet)


  • Search Registers improvements
  • Updated Registrable Controllers confirmation letter template

Very excited about the automated company debt reminders :innocent: :heart_eyes:


Hi, very excited about the new features however is it possible to turn off the Sending Document Creator a completed document pack email?


Hi All,

We have released a minor update on 18/3 to improve the automated debt reminders feature.

Now we have added more checking around the annual review before an automated reminder is sent

How this works

  • CAS360 will now check the annual review status before sending an automated debt reminder. If the Annual Review has not been processed, the automated reminder will not be sent.
  • When an annual review is processed the debt count will be re-set to 0, so if you had selected 7 days reminder frequency, the reminder will be sent 7 days after the annual review has been processed
  • Finally, to ensure no debt reminders are sent if there is a delay is CAS360 receiving the annual review, no debt reminders will be sent 3 days before, or 3 days after the Annual Review date.

Thank you all for your feedback in making this feature better.



Hi Warren,

If the annual review has been signed through FuseSign, but payment hasn’t been done yet, will it send a reminder as well?

Hi @inexology

Yes, the automated debt reminder will still be sent, even if the review has been signed.

As long as the debt balance still exists with ASIC, the reminder will be sent.

Hope this helps


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