CAS360 June 2020 Release Notes

Hi All,

The latest CAS360 update is expected to be released at 5pm on 25/06/2020

New Features - Core

  • Adobe Sign Integration
    • Introducing a whole new way to sign company and trust documents in CAS360. Adobe Sign is now fully integrated in CAS360.

Register Here for the AdobeSign Integration webinar

  • Email Notifications
    • Register to receive automated daily, weekly or fortnightly emails for important notifications and events that have happened in CAS360 such as Annual Reviews received, ASIC invoices received and upcoming deadlines.
  • Shareholder / Unitholder information hover
    • You can now see information about the shareholder in the shareholders screen and also go to the contact record of the shareholder easily.
  • Added name under signing line on Share / Unit Transfer forms

New Features - AUS

  • Annual Review Deadline Alert - 60 Days
  • Added BPAY validations for invoices
  • First Directors Minutes or Resolution - add support for the Ultimate Holding Company paragraph
  • Comparison Report - Improved alignment of Shareholders

New Features - NZ

  • New modal for New Zealand Director appointment upload
  • Implemented refreshing the access tokens until a valid token is received -
  • Update Agent Company Authority table every-time the Authorised Companies List is requested
  • Manually changing Annual returns to any lodged status should remove alerts from company selection

CAS360 API improvements

  • New Trust API calls including
  • GET Trust
  • POST Add Trust
  • DELETE Trust
  • GET Trust Relationships
  • POST Add Trust Relationship
  • DELETE Trust Relationship
  • GET Trust Documents
  • POST Trust Documents
  • DELETE Trust Documents
  • GET Documents - Add Support for updatedAfter Parameters
  • Added SuperFund information to GET Companies call