CAS360 July 2022 Update

It’s been a cold old June here in Melbourne so hopefully we can warm you up with these new features that we’ve just released in our July update.


CAS_360 - Australia :australia:

  • Director ID - users can now add Director ID’s via the new contact quick add in the Officers screen
  • Director ID - When appointing a director the contacts Director ID will be shown, or can be added if missing.
  • Company Registrations for Non Share (Limited by Guarantee) companies
    • Form 201 electronic lodgement
    • Full document pack for Company Registrations for Non Share (Limited by Guarantee) companies
      • Pre Incorp Docs
        • Cover Letter
        • Form 201
        • Consent to Act
        • ABRS Director ID Letter
        • Application for Membership (NEW)
        • Occupiers Consent
      • Post Incorop Docs
        • Cover Letter
        • Form 362
        • Certificate of Registration
        • Company Constitution or Replaceable rules
        • First Directors Minutes or Resolutions
        • Declaration of Company Not Traded
        • Register of Officers
        • Member Certificate (NEW)
        • Register of Members Limited by Guarantee (NEW)
  • Change of Name of Holding Company support
    • Multi Company Contact Name change process has been updated to include Holding Companies
    • Updated ASIC form 484 to include Holding Companies Name Changes
    • Updated Directors Meeting Minute / Resolution to include Holding Companies Name Changes
    • Updated Electronic Lodgement of ASIC form 484 to include Holding Companies Name Changes
  • Cleardocs company registration link added. Now users can enter Incorporation data in CAS360 and then push the data to Cleardocs to complete the company registration.
  • ASIC form Agent signatory is now updated if a Partner is attached to the company
  • Annual Review cover letter - Add the 2 merge fields: ${firstLatePenalty} & ${secondLatePenalty}
  • Updated Director ID number formatting
  • Debt Alert balance hover when Debt balance is cleared
  • Company Report - Issued Capital improvements

CAS_360 - Singapore :singapore:

  • Added support for Foreign Branch Companies
  • Added digital signing support for Notice of EGM
  • Added the ability to set a primary and secondary company activity
    • Improved Documents to reflect primary and secondary company activities
    • Added support for primary and secondary company activities
  • Listing of Dividends Paid Report now supports Singapore Company Dividends
  • Share Certificate improvements sub division and consolidation transactions.
  • Annual Return - Prepare AR improvements where company is exempt from Audit
  • Improvements to the Comparison report for Addresses
  • SGD is now the default currency selected for share types
  • Share transaction document improvements for a number of share transactions (sub division, redemption, cancellation, consolidation, conversions, return of capital, buy backs)
  • Annual Return will always show the ‘PA registration Number’ field when a signing auditor is selected.
  • Improved beneficial owner validations
  • Improved Singapore Annual Return document template
  • Improved validations for return of capital transactions
  • Improved Document Production Options to show the list of Forms
  • Improved the Add/Edit Auditor screen logic
  • Improved allotment transaction consideration type drop down
  • Improved Singapore Agents screen, agent number validation
  • Updated document templates to reflect change of Companies Act
  • Singapore Annual Return will now remember the last settings for that user, in that firm.
  • Added UF as another entity type indicator of a UEN
  • Improved Signatory Options available for Form 7 - Company Registrations

CAS_360 - New Zealand :new_zealand:

  • Compliance Tab - Added Card Number field to Drivers License Identity Type.
  • AML API - Added Card Number to AML API GET Contact for Identity Verification end point.
  • AML API - Improvements to Identity Status details when verification result is received.
  • AML API - Identity Verification Evidence documents are displayed under the contact when Verification passes and fails.
  • AML API - Response notes from the third-party provider displayed in the verification status hover when verification fails.
  • AML API - Improved AML API internal error handling.

Hi Warren - thanks for this summary. What’s the reason behind the new director ID formatting - which now doesn’t match how the ABRS presents the ID number?

Is there any plans to create some sort of reminder tab for financials lodgment and audit relief? It would be incredibly helpful if we could add annual dates in on companies for audit relief and financial reporting and at the appropriate time they would appear in the a new tab similar to the way annual reviews work.
Thank you

Hi @ewiltshire,

Well, we were trying to make it easier to read/enter and so that it matched the format of ACNs and TFNs. However we will change this back next update :grinning:.


Hi @Alia,

Thank you for your post, and for sending this suggestion through.

At this stage, no plans for this feature in the next 6 months. I will add it to the wishlist though for future development.