CAS360 July 2020 Release Notes

Hi All,

The CAS360 July release is now live

Full blog post can be found here

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New Features

  • Trust Events
    • New Tab added inside every trust
    • You can now store and record all asset, liability, gifting, income, and expense transactions for a trust.
    • Add transactions for capital improvements, changes in value, forgiving of loans.
    • Prepare supporting documents to all trust events
  • Trust Documents tab
    • A dedicated tab for all documents prepared and uploaded into a trust
  • Specify the number of decimal places on Share and Unit Registers
    • Users can now select how many decimal places are share or unit register will show for amounts paid
  • Order Members Register
    • You can now select the Members register to be in First Name, Surname or Surname, First Name order.
  • New Officers Screen
    • We have re-written the Company Officers screen, the screen will now have better performance and feel.

New Features - NZ

  • Updated NZ Form 9 Template

API updates call

  • Improvements to the POST ADD Trust API call
  • Improvements to Super Funds call