CAS360 January 2023 Release


  1. Users can now search for Labels within the Trust Selection screen.

  2. Integration with Xero Practice Manager now supports:

  • Company Name changes, and
  • Contact Name and Address changes

This means that an update in XPM will produce the necessary forms in CAS 360.

  1. For added security, contact identification fields are now encrypted.

  2. We’ve updated Document Production to include an option of:

  • Two column signing lines, applied to Resolution Documents, and
  • An attendee list, applied to Minute Documents.
  1. Identity Verification integration now includes an optional field to enter a reference for the verification. This will be stored in the user’s Cloudcheck account and will be noted on the Cloudcheck invoice.

CAS_360 - Australia :australia:

  1. Major enhancements to how CAS 360 connects and lodges documents with ASIC.

  2. Users can now send the ASIC invoice in a separate email and to different recipients within Document Production.


  3. Users can now apply the Automated Debt Reminder to companies attached to chosen labels.

  4. Implementing the latest of the many quality-of-life improvements that CAS 360 already has to offer with an Auto Lodge RA71 feature. The RA71 will be automatically lodged after Form 362 has been accepted.

  5. The Bulk Annual Reviews feature now allows you to edit CC and BCC email recipients.

  1. Updated the ABRS Director ID letter.

  2. Added merge fields for the first and second ASIC annual review late fees. These merge fields can be used in the following Email Templates:

  1. Added trace number and a trace number merge field for the CAS 360 Annual Company Statement template.

CAS_360 - New Zealand :new_zealand:

  1. Additional findings arising throughout the course of the AML/CDD workflow can now be recorded in our brand new Notes section which can be found within the Compliance workflow.

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 10.19.51 am

  1. Practice Management Integration Improvements:
  • Address for Service change support added
  • Address for Communication change support added

CAS_360 - Singapore :singapore:

  1. Exclusive to CAS 360 Singapore, we’ve included three brand new document packs!
  1. Leave the calculator at home because we’ve added potential late fee penalties for company change documents.

  2. Added currency support for Singapore Company Registrations.

  3. Improvements to Singapore Document Templates.

  4. Improvements to Register of Registrable Controller User Interface.

  5. Added ‘Alias’ support for the Register of Nominee Directors.

  6. Users can now update a company’s Registers Address.

  7. Improved Singapore addresses search with new validations.

  8. Increased limit to 50 shareholders upon import using the CAS 360 Search Register.

CAS_360 - Hong Kong :hong_kong:

New Year, New Jurisdiction Support! The team at BGL have started the new year strong implementing CAS 360 Hong Kong. Check out these new features:

  1. Hong Kong Jurisdiction UI changes:
  1. Hong Kong Global Address style.

I have used the new feature “send the ASIC invoice to a separate email”, the email send successfully, however, the Due amount shown in the body of the email is $0. It does not show the correct amount to pay, im thinking because it is not due for 2 months???

Hi @Nucara

If you can please email me the company name, we can look into this for you. My email is

When I tested it with my own companies, the amount was appearing correctly.