CAS360 Feburary 2020 Update (Version 53)

Hi All,

The latest CAS360 update has been released to all clients

New Features Webinar on 19th Feb - Register Here

New Features - Core

  • Global Address Consolidation
  • Add the ability to sort shareholder / unitholder tables by column heading
  • Allow Find Matches for just contacts with the same name only
  • Global Addresses usage hover
  • Save Document Order in Document Production
  • Company Documents Tab
  • Live Chat with BGL Support
  • New hover display for partially paid transaction details
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Xero

Improvements - Core

  • Improved Shareholder search in Shareholder screen
  • Merge field for Signatory Officers Address
  • Include Company Name in DocuSign email subject
  • Added International Foreign Officers to relationships
  • Added more Proper Case merge fields to Documents Prepared cover letter
  • Added Support for Client Number and Company Name in the Digital Signing Copy of Document email template
  • Improvements to the warning for consolidation of contacts
  • Improvements to the alert filters that now many they apply to jurisdictions selected
  • Added Place of Birth to Officers hover

Errors Corrected - Core

  • No Suburb/postcode Addresses wont show this as empty when added to a document via a merge field -
  • Fixed issue with searching for contacts with an ‘&’

New Features - AU

  • Ability to duplicate companies on the Company Registrations screen
  • Added the ability to prepare ASIC Comparison report in the Addresses, Officers and Shareholders screen

Improvements - AU

  • Foreign Companies will not get Annual review alerts
  • Improvements to the import options for AU Companies
  • ASIC Form 388 now has the label ‘ASIC Portal Lodgement Only’
  • Added merge field for Company Annual Review date plus XX days

New Features - NZ

  • NZ Annual Return screen now shows live comparison status
  • Last AR filed date added to Comparison Report and Health Check
  • Added Support for Care Of in Comparison / Live Check / Health Check
  • Added Health Check Filters on Companies Screen
  • Users can now manually trigger a Health Check for a company

Improvements - NZ

  • Added ‘In Use’ function to show the address that is being used by the Company
  • Improvements to Live Check for joint members
  • Companies where Annual Return is not required will not show in Annual Return Screen

Loving this list of additions and improvements, well done folks!

Just gotta ask if we’re gonna see hover details for Shareholders in the same way we have had for Officers for a while now?


Great work guys, pleased to see these enhancements that will make life a little bit easier.

Agree with @Laneth, the hover button to see shareholder details would be a great feature!

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Thanks @Laneth and @Anne.Wright

We do have plans to add this hover. :wink:

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