CAS360 February 2023 Release

Hello everyone! Please have a look at our exciting new features that has just been released!


  1. Implemented GET/PUT/POST/DEL requests for Contact Addresses API.

  2. Nationality has been included in GET/PUT/POST requests for the Contact API.

  3. Implemented GET/PUT/POST/DEL requests for Passport.

  4. GET Officers API call now encompasses officers who have ceased their role.

  5. Enhancements made to the Identity Verification API.

  6. User interface improvements for saving transactions related to Shareholders, Unitholders, and Trust Events.

  7. Documents that have been “sent via digisign” cannot be deleted unless they have been voided.

CAS_360 - Australia :australia:

  1. Attention all document signers! We’ve made it easier for you to keep track of your Annual Review Documents. We’ve added dates to the signing lines, so you can have a clear record of the exact date each signature was added (For DocuSign and FuseSign only). Happy Signing!

  2. When adding a signatory name for ASIC form 362, we have improved the user interface making it easier for you to add names, reducing the risk of errors, and enhancing the user experience.

  3. The members of a company registered as a Limited by Guarantee will be listed on ASIC form 201.

CAS_360 - New Zealand :new_zealand:

  1. Company Registrations: To ensure a more seamless company registration process, we have added a validation within the registration process to check that contact last names have been entered. You will find this validation pop up in the Document Production screen.

  2. We have improved our report generation logic around the Directors minutes/resolution for the Annual Return to ensure appropriate references are used within the documents across various jurisdictions.

CAS_360 - Singapore :singapore:

  1. Support for ‘Members’ in relation to Limited by Guarantee Company Registrations.

  2. Late Fees for future documents will now be re-calculated if users change the Financial Year End date.

  3. Users can now choose to print the Register of Nominee Shareholders, even if there are no Nominee Shareholders appointed.

  4. API: Added ‘Chief Executive Officer’ as a position for POST Create Company Officer.

  5. API: Added GET/PUT/POST/DEL endpoints for contact’s communication details.

  6. Comparison Report will now pass where there is a minor nationality format difference.

CAS_360 - Hong Kong :hong_kong:

  1. Are you tired of spending hours sifting through paperwork and trying to figure out the best way to complete your Hong Kong Annual Returns? Look no further than CAS 360, the ultimate solution for streamlined document production! We’ve included:
  • A new UI to manage all Hong Kong Annual Returns.
  • Annual Return Document Production.
  • A Document Pack with everything needed for Hong Kong Annual Returns.