CAS360 - February 17th Release

Hi All,

(To be released 5pm on 17th February)

We’re back again for a 2nd release in February 2021.

This is a smaller update - which focuses on the new Officer Cessation changes effective February 18 2021 in Australia.

Here is a blog post I wrote about the changes - ASIC announce changes to Form 484 and 370 | BGL Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd

New Features in this release

Changes for The Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Bill 2020 was passed by Parliament in February 2020.

  • New Messaging when preparing ASIC forms to cease last officer
  • New Messaging when lodging a late officer transactions
  • New option to use lodgement date as the date of change for late officer transactions
    • This allows users to use the new ASIC date or keep the same date

New Features in this release

  • Merge fields to support Casual Name
  • New Merge fields First Directors Meeting Minute / Resolution
  • New nationality icon in contacts

New Zealand

  • Improvements to AU company directorships import and comparison
  • Improvements to Registration ID in health checks

Official ASIC notes on Officer Change - InFocus February 2021 - Volume 30 Issue 1 | ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission



As we got a lot of requests about the Casual Name merge fields here they are

In all cases where a Casual Name exists, it will be used. If there is no Casual Name for the contact, the Contacts First Name will be used.

Email templates:

  • ${ClientFirstName} [FULL first name]
  • ${ClientFirstNameOnly} [1st word on first name]
  • ${ClientFirstNameOnlyProperCase}
  • ${ClientCasual} [Casual name + surname]
  • ${ClientCasualProperCase}

Documents Cover Letter

  • ${contactFirstName} [use casual name if exists; if not, show FULL first name]
  • ${contactFirstNameProperCase}

Annual Review/Return Cover Letter:

  • ${officerFirstName}
  • ${officerFirstNameProperCase}

We hope you and your clients enjoy :slight_smile: