CAS360 - Early February 2021 Release

Hi All,

Welcome to 2021!

We have a big update that is about to go live - here are the new features :slight_smile:


  • Register of Trust Relationships
  • Register of Trust Events
  • New Unit Allotment Journal for unit trust allotment transactions
  • New Unit Transfer Journal for unit trust transfer transactions
  • Contact Enhancements
    • Added support for ‘Other Names’
      • Casual Name
      • Chinese Name
      • Chinese Alias
      • Other
    • Added support for ‘Occupation’
    • New Contact Identification
      • China ID
      • HK ID
      • Macau ID
      • Malaysia I/C
      • SG NRIC
      • SG FIN
      • Employment Pass
      • Passport Details
      • Other
    • New Birth Details modal
      • Includes Date of Birth
      • Place of Brith
      • Nationality
      • Date of Death
    • New Company Numbers / Identifiers
      • Company Contacts can now support a range of company numbers from different regions
        • NZBN
        • IRD
        • UEN
        • Company Number
        • Other
    • New Registration Details modal for Contact Companies
      • Date of Incorporation
      • Place of Incorporation
      • Date of Deregistratoin
  • Enhancements to unit trust unitholder minutes and resolutions
  • Information icon and popovers added for Trust Relationships & Trust Beneficiaries
  • International mobile phone number support
  • International SMS notifications support
  • Improved filters in the Pending Outbox screen
  • Trust Report improvements including support for Trust Events
  • New APIs
    • New Update Company officer API
    • Improved Add Company Officer API
    • New Company Registration API
    • Improved Get Documents API
    • Improved Company Details API


  • ASIC search when new Australian company
  • Set ‘Include Previous Names on form 484?’ to OFF by default
  • Shareholders who are within top 20 for a proprietary company on form 484 C4 for allotment
  • ASIC Form 405, 406, and 490 PDF can be exported un-flattened

New Zealand

  • Live Check - NZ Company General Details
  • Health Check - NZ Company General Details
  • Live Check - NZ Ultimate Holding Company
  • Health Check - NZ Ultimate Holding Company
  • Comparison Report - NZ Ultimate Holding Company
  • Company Import - NZ Ultimate Holding Company
  • New notification, with an explanation when NZ Companies Office connection is disconnected
  • 5 minor AML / CDD improvements
  • Overseas NZ Companies Annual Return improvements
  • Improved Support for Co-Op companies


  • Added Support for CEO Officer Position
  • Registrable Controllers UI re-design
  • Singapore Annual Return improvements
    • Updated UI for confirm payment
    • Improved ACRA error messaging support
    • UI improvements when receiving an ACRA error message
    • Added Payment Required Document Status
    • Added Support for 2nd uploaded attachment
    • Improvements for financial statement dates
    • Improvements for small company declaration

Hi Warren
Thanks for the update! I’m wondering how we can utilise the casual name feature in our templates. Can the first name only field be changed so that it enters in the casual name as the salutation on our emails if it exists?

Hi @ewiltshire

Yes, we are working on a number new merge fields for documents, emails & SMSs for the next update that will allow you to use the Casual Name where it exists, and the name where no Casual Name has been entered.

Watch this space :slight_smile:



That’s sounds perfect, @WarrenRenden! Very much looking forward to this new feature! :slight_smile:

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Hi, with this new update we are no longer able to add a new trust as a contact without inputting a “company number” is there a work around for this? we don’t have the need in having this information in the contact fields for a trust.


Hi Melissa

Are you able to email me at with a screenshot of where you are adding this in please.


Decent summary outlining some good improvements. Interested in what addtional merge fields will be coming. :smiley:

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