CAS360 December 2018 New Features webinar

Hi All,

On Thursday December 13, 2018 we conducted the CAS360 December 2018 New Features webinar

Below is the session notes :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Session Overview

  • New features from last 5 CAS360 updates

  • Previous Webinars -

    • Last webinar was September covering SMS features and other new features,
    • July 2018 - covering all ASIC invoice changes, and new features
    • ALSO webinar before was in May 2018 - all about Company Registrations in CAS360
    • Allon the community now for you to view in your own time.

Industry News

  • Treasury Announce Review of ASIC fees
  • ASIC / ATO Registry Modernisation Project
  • BGL introducing MFA authentication


Headline feature of this webinar is the Trust Selection screen

Trust Selection Screen - A new screen dedicated to Trust Management

  • New - All your firm’s trusts on one screen
  • New - Label support for trusts
  • New - Advanced filters for trusts
  • New - Trust details, unitholders and beneficiaries screens

CAS360 Version 41

New Features Include

  • Improved Registers - We have rewritten the Registers to enhance their performance. All registers are now created faster.
  • All new CAS360 Knowledge Centre - We have a brand new CAS360 help centre, with Community integration, improved UI and searching.
  • Premiums in the Members Register - You can now choose to include the premium amounts in the amount paid column in the Members Register.
  • New icons in Global Search - All new icons have been added to the Global Search, including specific icons for all contact and sub contact types.
  • Added "Appointer" field to Discretionary Trust Details - You can now save the Appointer of a Discretionary trust.
  • Improved logic when selecting mobile numbers for SMS where firm has Practice Management integration
  • ASIC Validation report number will now appear in the notifications
  • Improved searching when selecting from Countries list
  • Improved Label sorting and interface
  • Interface improvements in Reports and Officers screens

CAS360 Version 42 is now live!

New Features Include

  • View only mode for CC’d DocuSign contacts - When sending DocuSign emails from CAS360, the CC’d recipients will receive a view only link.
  • New Email Template Merge Fields - You can now choose to include the Document date, Company Name and Company’s Registered Address in the email templates.
  • ASIC form 2205 - You are now able to prepare ASIC form 2205 for Reduction in share capital transactions in CAS360.
  • Importing Email or Mobile Numbers

We have built an automated process to import email and mobile numbers for you.

Other updates:

  • Added support for receiving multiple RA56 for Company Incorporations.
  • Improved the warning message when you are close to your subscription limit.
  • Improved the Review Date and Company Name sorting in Company Selection when an Advanced filter is selected

CAS360 Version 43

New Features Include

  • Flag Incorporation for Manual Review - It is now possible to flag a company incorporation for manual review when lodging a form 201
  • Double checking of data from ASIC debt reports - When ASIC lets us know that a company no longer has debt via an RA68, CAS360 will lodge an RA63 to verify that the debt has been paid.
  • Improvements to Trust vesting dates - Trust vesting dates have been improved to better keep track of this information
  • New merge fields for document templates - You can now choose to use first name proper case last name upper case and long date formats
  • New email merge fields for showing email recipients - You can now choose to show Recipients, CC Recipients and BCC Recipients in email templates
  • Improvements to the appearance of share register when a single shareholder has a lot of share transactions
  • Improvements to share/unit registered when share description is the same.
  • Added support for the reference field in the dividend / distribution statement
  • Added a search to the find matches screen
  • Updated the wording on the application for shares and application for units

Support please check all awaiting program fix calls as we have fixed 3 client reported issues in this update. Including the Registers enhancements which should knock off a few APF calls.

CAS360 Version 44

New Features include

  • New Support System - Zendesk is now LIVE! - The process to log a support call has been significantly enhanced, you can now search for a solution across the CAS360 help and Community. You can also upload attachments when logging a call.

  • Form 405 Improvements - Changes to AGM, Officers details & dates

  • New merge fields for long date formats - You can now add no day merge fields

  • Relationships screen improvements -New Trusts data fields added to Relationships

CAS360 Version 45

New Features Include

  • Post Billpay Links - New Pay Now link allowing users to pay ASIC debts directly from the Companies screen. Also added support for users to add Post BillPay links to be sent to clients in emails and SMS. (see here for how)
  • ASIC form 406 - Foreign Company Annual Return can now be prepared in CAS360
  • Added Business Names addresses to the Address Usage Report
  • Added Unit Suggestions when doing unit trust transactions
  • Improved Trust Beneficiaries logic
  • Improved global search when searching for a trust or a trust contact
  • Improved contact type pop-over
  • Improved mac OS Mojave fonts