CAS360 August 2022 Update


  1. :fire: New feature Alert :fire: never miss another deadline again you now can stress-less CAS 360 has you covered with Global Automated Document Reminders. Simply set up a template for all your documents and have CAS 360 automatically manage your reminders for:

    • Document Deadline Reminders
    • Annual Reviews / Returns
    • Other Documents
  2. The Automation Report has also been updated to include these new Automated document reminders.

  1. Identity Verification Service: New identity verification service with our integration with CloudCheck. Users can now verify the identity of clients by using the information on Identity documents (Australian and NZ Drivers Licence, Passport etc.) and have this data verified.

  2. Minutes and Resolutions improvements: we have added effective dates to all share and unit changes and improved how share/unit transactions details are displayed.

  3. New Register of Substantial Shareholders Report.

CAS_360 - Australia :australia:

  1. We’ve made improvements to Company Debt Alerts. The system will now calculate exactly how old the debt is based on when the invoice was received to CAS 360.

  2. Debt Listing Report: Last invoiced Received date added to report.

  3. Document ‘sent to client’ = Yes is now updated when a document is sent to clients via Digital Signing.

  4. New merge fields added for beneficial owners on Company Constitution:

  • ${beneficialOwnerName}
  • ${beneficialOwnerNameProperCase}
  • ${beneficialOwnerAddressMultiLine}
  • ${beneficialOwnerAddressMultiLineProperCase}
  1. Company Report now supports limited by Guarantee companies

  2. Director ID format improvements

  3. Added a toggle “show Partner on ASIC form” in the Agent screen - this gives users the option of using the default agent signatory or the partner attached to the company for Agent signatory.

  4. Automated Debt Reminders: Added a toggle ‘only send a reminder if RA68 has been received that day’ - this will change the way debt reminders are sent, they will not be sent until the daily debt balances have been updated by ASIC, this happens between 10am-11am per day. It will make the debt emails later, however, they will be updated and correct for that business day (with this option off the reminders can be sent with the previous business days debt balance).

  5. Added validation to the ASIC Agent ID field to prevent emails from being added

CAS_360 - Singapore :singapore:

  1. Comparison Report improvements:
  • Names will now be matched regardless of surname, first name order
  • Improved how the Comparison report works with nationalities
  • Joint Member improvements
  • Two companies with the same UEN will no longer automatically fail
  1. Foreign Branch Company improvements:
  • Birthday validation added for Authorised Representatives
  • Directors Meeting minutes / resolution improvements
  • Form 24 signing improvements
  • Form 25 signing improvements
  • Increase in number of members signing improvements
  • Cover letter signing improvements
  • Signatory improvements on Foreign Branch Company documents
  • Passport improvements
  1. Annual Return improvements:
  • Foreign branch companies can now prepare Annual Return documents
  • Documents can be prepared without requesting ACRA data
  • Agents address included for Register of Controllers and Register of nominee directors kept location
  • Added AGM Financial Statement date for Public Companies (A1 / A3 /A4)
  1. Company Incorporation: improvements to consideration type dropdown

  2. Removed group and sub-group titles in SSIC Business Activities list.

  3. Added Financial Year End date to Company Selection: Filter dropdown options.

  4. Improvements to Authorised Representatives in Company Report.

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Hi @WarrenRenden,

Is there any reason why we can’t toggle on or select the automated document reminders when bulk sending out the annual reviews? Or am I just missing something?

Currently I’m having to do this one by one or if bulk sending go back into the document screen & manually set up the auto reminders which then defeats the purpose of the efficiency of being able to bulk send.

Hi @MelissaI

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, automated document reminders are not yet supported for bulk annual review processing unless it is manually setup from the ‘Documents’ screen as you mentioned. However, I have passed on the feedback to the team so that they can look at making improvements to this in the future.



Hi @WarrenRenden

When processing Annual Reviews we noticed that the Automatic Reminder functionality is not available when we flag the document to be reviewed.

Once the Annual Review is received by the Reviewer, there is no option to allow the Reviewer to set up the Automatic Reminder either (although ideally it should be set by the initial administrator, but thought we’d check the process all the way through).

So basically, it can only be done when setting up the document, if you are forwarding direct to the client and not to a reviewer.

Is it possible to enable the Automatic Reminder functionality when the ‘Flag documents to be reviewed?’ toggle is on?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: