CAS360 August 2020 Release Notes

CAS360 August 2020 Release Notes

Another month of lock-down has passed in Melbourne, however this does not stop the CAS 360 team from delivering some great features.

In the August release we have a number of new integrations where you can connect to CAS 360.


First of all, we have the MyBGL. MyBGL will allow you to see all the information related to your CAS 360 subscription. From here you are able to view your usage, upgrade or downgrade your subscription level as well as view all of your billing and payment information.

To see MyBGL in action – watch our video :point_right:


A new addition to the CAS 360 integrated Practice Management suite of applications. You can now share contact information between CAS 360 and GreatSoft to ensure that your data is always update and accurate.

To see the GreatSoft integration in action – watch our video :point_right:


Blueprint by ChangeGPS is now connected to CAS 360. This will allow you to create beautiful structure diagrams based on the Company, Trust, Super Fund and Contact data inside CAS 360. Perfect for that next client meeting where you need to discuss their corporate structure.

To see the ChangeGPS integration in action – watch our video :point_right:

LightYear Docs

The integration between LightYear Docs and CAS 360 is now live. This will allow you to connect CAS 360 to your LightYear Docs account and push newly registered companies from LightYear Docs to CAS 360.

To see the LightYear Docs integration in action – watch our video :point_right:

Trust Improvements

This update continues on our previous releases around trust management, we have released 23 improvements to Trust Events, as well as adding a new Trust Report allowing you to prepare a full report for each and every trust. We have also released Trust Distributions for New Zealand trusts.

Interface Improvements

We have updated the icons used in the left hand side panel to give a greater feel, we have also improved every table view in CAS 360 from the Company Selection screen, Annual Review / Return screen and the Shareholders screens. We have also improved all the popovers in CAS 360 for better feel and performance.

Other new features

A range of other new features have also been added, with improvements to the registers, improvements to the share / unit transfer forms and new merge fields for document customisation.

Oh, and one last thing…

We have released our electronic filing of the Singapore company annual return with ACRA from inside CAS 360.

This includes the whole box and dice for Singapore Annual Returns with integration with CorpPass, support for the Singapore jurisdiction across the CAS 360 application, a new Singapore Annual Return screen, with the ability to prepare the Annual Return, sent it to your client, and then file the Annual Return, and make the payment to ACRA all from within CAS 360. It’s Brilliant.

Boring release notes section


  • MyBGL
    • A new place to manage your subscription
    • Upgrade your subscription by clicking on the links within CAS360
    • Change contacts for your firms subscription
  • GreatSoft Integration
    • A new addition to our practice management integrated apps
  • Trust Events improvements
    • 23 improvements to Trust Events
  • New Icons on left menu
  • New Trust Report
  • Refactored all tables in CAS360
  • Refactored all popovers in CAS360
  • Set Signing date on share/unit transfer forms
  • Current / Historical registers
  • New Business & Postal Address merge fields


  • ChangeGPS Integration
    • A new integration allowing you to link you CAS360 and ChangeGPS applications together
  • Lightyear Docs Integration
    • A new document provider has been added to CAS360 with Light Year docs now integrated
  • Added β€˜$’ to ASIC outstanding balance merge field

New Zealand

  • Distributions now supported for NZ trusts


  • Singapore Annual Return live (pre-Beta pilot stage)
    • Support for Singapore Registered Agents
    • Support for CorpPass authentication
    • Support for Initiate AR
    • Changes to General Details screen to support Singapore company specifics
      • Company Details
      • Company Dates
        • Calculate Next AGM
      • Company Status Levels
    • Singapore Addresses now supported throughout CAS360
    • New Singapore Address Modal
    • Changes to Company Addresses
      • Changes to Registered Office Address
      • Changes to Busines, Postal & Meeting Addresses
      • New Location of Register Addresses
    • Changes to Company Officers
      • Support for Nominee Directors
      • New Officers Quick add modal for SG to support ID and Passport information
      • New Missing contact details validation modal
      • New Missing Contact Details UI
    • Changes to Company Auditor Screen
      • Added support for signing Auditor
    • New Singapore Annual Return Screen
      • New Singapore Annual Return refresh data from ACRA
    • New Prepare Singapore Annual Return modal
    • New Upload Financial Documents UI
    • New Singapore Annual Return Document Summary
    • New Singapore Annual Return Email Templates
    • New Singapore Annual Return Declaration Modal
    • New Singapore Annual Return Lodgement
    • New Singapore Annual Return Lodgement receipt
    • New Singapore Annual Return invoice
    • New Singapore Annual Return payment