CAS360 - April 2021 Release

Hi All,

We are delighted to release our April 2021 Update

The flagship feature of this release is the new Multi Annual Review process for Australian clients and the Multi Annual Return (and file) process for New Zealand clients.

For Australian clients check out the video here

For New Zealand clients check out the video here

Full Release notes


  • Improve role authorities


  • Bulk Annual Review
  • Entity Makers integration

New Zealand

  • Bulk Annual Return
  • Bulk Annual Return Filing
  • Improved filing screen


  • New role authorities for XBRL
  • Annual Return improvements for Filing Agent

Delivered to you by this very formal looking CAS360 team :slight_smile:

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This is really exciting! Looking forward to seeing how we can integrate this into our current process.


Thanks @BiancaT we’re very excited to put this feature into CAS360. Hope you get a lot of use and benefit out of it



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Guys, this is fantastic! I cannot wait for 1st June now, where out biggest client that has almost 100 companies all aligned to the same date can be sent via DocuSign in a single batch, rather than downloaded into PDF and sent externally!

If/when multi-company document processing becomes a thing in a similar manner, I’ll absolutely flip! haha

Well done on a magnificent update to CAS360!


Thanks heaps for the support @Laneth

We’re always working on new things, lots more to come :slight_smile:


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Careful Laneth, it stills sends a separate email for each statement… I didn’t realise the first time I used it and sent 8 emails to a client.