Cas update to match companies on agent's edge with CAS

does cas constantly update the register with changes on EDGE to the companies registered to our agent number? For example, if another agent adds one of our clients to their agent list, is that company automatically deleted from our edge list/

Hi Peter,
once another agent appoints themselves as agent, your client will automatically be removed from your asic agent list without warning and without notification.
There is no ability to have more than one asic agent for a company at the same time.
The first you’ll know about it is when you receive a notification that you haven’t received the company’s annual company statement in CAS.
There is a useful report in CAS that you can run on a periodical basis which will alert you to companies that have dropped off your agent list. It compares CAS companies with ASIC records. I believe it’s called ‘Annual Review Listing Report’ in reporting tab. There are always surprises hiding in that report! lol.


Thank you – much appreciated