CAS Debt Reminder email - Amount incorrect

I have received an ASIC invoice but when I go to send the debt reminder email it is not picking up the total amount outstanding as per the ASIC invoice, CAS is only picking up the original annual review fee as outstanding as the foot of the email reminder. Any quick fix to edit the amount at the foot of the reminder to show the actual total amount outstanding? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hello Stephenie,

When sending the debt reminder email, the debt amount in the email is taken from the highlighted amounts below, which is the data from the daily debt report we received from ASIC.

The debt amount should be updated every morning (you can refer to the Date Updated), or you can click on “Refresh Balance” to get the most up to date debt amount.

You can also edit the amount in the email preview screen before the email is sent.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Andy

Thank you.

How do I edit the amount shown in debt due now? I have edited the amount in the email section but it does not change the bottom. ASIC invoice shows $332 but the amount outstanding on the email section (in Debt due now is only showing $254). I have clicked on it but can’t edit it. Invoice was received into CAS this morning. Should I log a support call so they can shadow on my screen to assist?

Hi Andy

Debt amounts have updated again just now (since this morning) so the issue is now fixed. Thanks for your help.

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