Bulk initial email for Director ID

Is there a way to notify all Directors that require an DIN in bulk via email?
I was discussing in the office the best way to approach Directors and I was happy to contact most of the Directors as and when I process the annual review, obviously, by the time I get to mid year, I will have to notify clients that are getting closer to the deadline of November.

I didn’t think bulk mailout was the best way to go as I would be bombarded with queries from hundreds of Directors at once. So far the Directors that I have contacted have successfully applied and supplied their DIN quite happily.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I sent out a bulk email in November last year.

Had a great response but I am still chasing directors.

Its not a straight forward process for some people and others just don’t bother doing it unless they are reminded more than once.

Good luck!

Thanks for responding Ange1, did you send bulk email from outlook?


Hi Janet,
Yes I sent the mass email from outlook.


Thanks, this is still on my to do list.

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Still on my to-do list as well :smiling_face_with_tear: