BT Panorama Feed

Is anybody integrating SF360 with BT Panorama wrap feeds? I am having trouble with transactions duplicating, investment securities duplicating and amounts sitting in clearing accounts of which I then have to go through and process. It is causing me quite a bit of grief and time to correct. I am wondering if I should remove the feed altogether.
I am interested to hear of anybody else’s experiences with these feeds.

Hi Kylie,

Yes this has been our experience, we have raised this with BGL and BT via our planners. We were told that it was due to the rules set regarding the timing for the settlement and payment for units, which was outside the set time frame.

Also don’t set it up if you have two BT Panorama accounts in the one fund, it is even worse.

Glad we are not alone!

Thankyou for your response. I’ve contacted BT and BGL as well and am awaiting their replies…

Hopefully this can be rectified in future.

Have any of your concerns been rectified? I have a fund with BT Panorama (new in 2019) which won’t do the downloads although I have been told it appears to have been set up ok. Also, they use the BT Tailored portfolios so I’m wondering how this will download anyway.

Any advice or people in BT/360 to talk to would be much appreciated.

Hi Cheryl
Once the feed has been activated from BT Panorama’s end, the data should flow through to SF360 assuming the fund is also setup in SF360.
I’m happy to take a closer look at this for you. I’ve sent you a direct message so we can discuss in more detail.


Bradley Wilkinson
SF360 Product Manager