BGL360 Denies Access to Pension Page with Firefox

Sadly Firefox has the same problem as Chrome.

Support advice Try CHROME ???

Any ideas as to why this is occurring???

This usually happens to me in Chrome only when I’ve come back from a break (ie the screen has remained dormant for a while or gone to screensaver). If I close all my BGL tabs and log back in, it seems to resolve it.

Have tried that six times. Support have been useless in addressing problem.

I’ve had this issue for several years (since migrating to SF360) in Chrome… Unbelievably it only happens from mid afternoon onwards and I have recently found that if I go to a separate tab, logoff and log back in, then go back to the pensions policy tab a refresh it starts working again. Up until finding this work around I’d just have to use Edge to get to the Pension Policy screen)

With Thunderbird we have found the work around with BGL support - Kayna Wati (very helpful)
settings/Privacy & Security/Enhanced Tracking - custom- - untick Cookies
It works fine and I re tick after use.

May work for Chrome as well

ps You are aware that Chrome drops a file into your hard drive and copies data and sends to Google. I found it with 383MG and deleted then removed Chrome.

The way to solve this issue is to clear the internet cached files under the Internet History settings.

All the corrupt old data gets cleared out and new good data is downloaded again.

I also make sure to do this every time the SF360 software receives new software upgrades.

Incorrect for Firefox. As commented it involves cookies and security settings . Confirmed by BGL support.
BGL links to another page and this is where the problem emanates.