BGL Log in error

Does anyone know why I get an error when trying to log in to the BGL Simple Fund 360 website? I have logged a support call but I still have not received a response from BGL and it has been three days. The error message says “This site can’t be reached” but I know it is working because I can log in with my mobile phone.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Firewall config, Antivirus blocking etc.

I’d start by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. If that failed I’d then try a different browser.

I’d also see if other computers on the same network have the issue. Just because a phone on the same network does work does not necessarily mean its not a problem on that network. Phones these day are configured by default to use their cellular data connection if they can’t perform the task via the connected wifi.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve tried all of the above and nothing worked. I will call our IT person because BGL said it is to do with our settings.
Every other computer in our firm show the same error message.
The mobile I was using was my personal phone and my own data. I only tried to log in to see if the site was having technical issues.
I will post here again when I know what the exact issue. In case any one runs into the same issue.

The first thing they’ll do is a tracert to to see where the blockage is located.

I have a feeling it could be a DNS issue, your ISP should be able to provide you with this information - you will need to update your computer network settings.