BGL Applications not running on Client Workstation?

Question: BGL Applications Simple Fund Desktop and CAS Desktop are working on the server, but not on the user workstations.


This issue is a result of:

  • The updating of the client workstations to Windows version 1803; and
  • The Windows server has not been updated from SMB version 1 protocol.

Review SMB Version

Run the following test to identify if your network drives (and/or UNC paths) are using SMB version 1.

On the client workstation, run Powershell as Administrator. Right click on the Windows icon and select Powershell (Administrator).


Type the command Get-smbConnection and press Enter.

The result will be displayed. Review the Dialect field to confirm the SMB version (version 1 is used below).



Note: BGL advises completing a full server backup before updating the server.

Your IT Administrator will need to investigate if the server has enabled SMB versions 2 and 3, and then disable version 1.

Refer to the following for more information:

SMB version 1 is not installed by default in Windows

How to detect/enable/disable SMB version1,2,3 in Windows

Once the SMB version has been updated, running the Get-smbconnection test on using Powershell will confirm the updated version (screenshot below indicates version 2):


Post update, client workstations will be able to run BGL applications.