BGL 360 Notifications

I’m just wondering if there is a way of customising what type of notifications are pushed through to the little “bell” icon at the top of BGL 360 login? I’ve just cleared over 1500 notifications, and some of them go back to the 2017FY (we’ve only been using BGL360 from the 2018FY onwards, so I’m guessing they were triggered when opening balances were entered). Also, is there a way of determining who receives what type of notification or is there a way to allocate notifications that relate to certain clients to certain staff logins?

I’m also curious to hear from other users as to if/how they use this feature.


Hi Christine, This has definitely been discussed before. I know I have personally asked more than once for a better way to manage the notifications. There are way too many notifications to manage efficiently and if there was something important it would probably be missed amongst all the unnecessary notifications.

My current way of managing them is as follows

Go to “View All Messages”

I use the search box to search for something such as “Lodgement Accepted” and then click “Read” one by one, as quickly as possible, until the screen is cleared. Then I might do the same for “Invoice Received”. I find I can do the same search multiple times until every notification of that type is cleared.

There is a “Mark All As Read” button but unfortunately this clears EVERYTHING, not just what you have on your screen.

I use this process of elimination until I am left with the few notifications that I might actually be interested in!

I try to do this every few weeks. I did it a couple of weeks ago and I already have 652 more notifications… I would love a more efficient way to filter/manage notifications! :slight_smile:

Addition to my comment above - I just realised this is a Simple Fund question, not a CAS360 question… however it sounds like notifications work in a similar way! :slight_smile:

Thanks Anne - it does appear to be similar to CAS however I couldn’t see a “view all messages” option. That would be helpful - would also be useful if we could export the notifications to Excel to sort and address, then clear all…