BAS Download issue from ATO

When the Sept 2018 BAS has downloaded directly into SF360 from ATO, the PAYG instalment is shown as NIL incorrectly.
If you log onto the portal, there is a PAYG Instalment amount

I dont appear to be able to edit the amount to correct it

This means that i cant lodge correctly direct from SF360

Hmmm. I wonder if that is an ATO issue as I am having the same problem with IAS and BAS forms that I download into Handitax.

With my ones, I delete the zero at the top of the form, then go down to the PAYGI or PAYGW areas and fill in the correct details and it flows through to the top of the form. I don’t know how SF360 works on this though.

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Thanks Lauren

Your reply led me to investigate further
It appears that there is a drop down box to select from at Part C - you have to
choose Option 1 or 2 re PAYG options.
I guess this is because its the first quarter of the year.
Thanks again

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