Bank internal transfer transactions

Is there a way a matching internal bank transfers - I have a client who has 4 bank accounts and he transfers money from acc 1 to acc 2 to acc 3 to acc 4 - all on the same day. Is there a way of making the system pick this up as it is now seems to be doubling up

Hi Katey,
You can do either through rules or smart matching. I do this very often as well, within and between 2 banks. It does it automatically when the bank transaction for both the accounts are uploaded.

my client has numerous bank acc and he will transfer $10 on the one day between 5 bank accounts - and the system will not match it and rules will not work as he puts different wording on each transaction - he is bored!!! Decided to have internal transfer account and have put them all to that and balance that out.
Thank you for your reply

Rgs Katey