Balance Review Holding Reference

We have a Holding Reference coming up on the Balance Review Report that is not set up in our BGL Registry Data Feed Management.

As only the last 4 digits of HIN number is reflected in the balance review screen we can’t see the full number to investigate and not sure from where it pulls the number as it is not on the Registry Data feed set up.

Anyone know where else this Holding Reference is coming from on the Balance Review screen?

Hi Tenisha,

It is difficult to tell the exact reason holding references are showing without having a look at the fund itself.

I would recommend submitting a support call if you haven’t already so that we could further investigate why this data was coming through to the Balance Review screen, see: Log a Support Call

If you could please provide Support access to the fund, we can look into this one for you!

Thank you Daniel.

I just log a support Call online.