Balance Review Error

When I try to enter the 10 numeric digit SRN for the fund shareholding for Kazia in set-up registry data, SF360 keeps adding an extra 0 after the I when I save. This turns it into 11 numerics like it seems to do with all computershare SRN’s. However in this case SF360 does not pick-up the registry balance from Computershare and I get a variance in the balance review.

Hi @DEW,

This issue will require us to take a look at the information coming through our end, I’ll raise a support ticket for you and one of our consultants will shortly be in touch.

Here’s the fix that worked for @DEW:

Simple Fund 360 will always add a zero to pad the number to 11 digits when entering the HIN/SRN. However, when Simple Fund 360 compares the balances, it will drop the extra digit to match Computershare’s format.

Deleting the postcode and HIN/SRN, saving it, then re-entering the postcode and HIN/SRN fixed the issue.