Balance review dates

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with Balance Review having old dates for Computershare? I have a 30 June report, run now, but most of the Computershare dates are 31 March. Also the odd one for Boardroom. Link are all at 30 June.



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I’m doing a fund which has a Macquarie Wrap feed and some of the investments have the same issue, but even stranger dates. Opening balances input at 30/6/2018, have processed to 30/6/2019.

One investment was fully sold 24/6/2019 but the balance review date is 22/6/2018 so the comparison is useless.

Another one has a balance (so not sold) but the review date is 29/6/2017!

All just looks crazy …

I’m having the same issue with some shareholdings where it says the share registry has no data as at 30/6/19 so it gives me the 31/3/19 data instead. I’m therefore unable to confirm balances through that screen.

It tells me to check the SRN/HIN and postcode, which I have done. No issues there.

Hi @Maz @CAXSB @chris
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m happy to look into this for you.
I’ve sent you a direct message with some more information and my details, so feel free to contact me.

Bradley Wilkinson
SF360 Product Manager

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I’m having the same issue with the dates not being current. I’ve tried deleting and reentering the HIN and postcode. What was the fix for this one please to update the dates to current?

This was already brought to BGL’s attention on (at the latest, assuming I was not the first to bring it up) 20 September.

BGL HIN appears to be at fault because it is adding an extra ‘0’ to the HIN… ComputerShare fails to accept/strip the extra 0 like does for the normal number of leading zeros. (At least when using the normal login website)

Hi @JannineT and @Freman
Thank you for using the BGL Community site.

While the Computershare website works without the extra leading zeros, the Computershare backend service that we request data from requires the leading zeros, which is why we add them upon saving.

I’ll reach out to you both separately with a private message to obtain more details and assist.

Bradley Wilkinson
SF360 Product Manager

Hello Bradley,
What was the outcome of this scenario? I am having similar problems but only recently - Computershare showing data for 31/12/2021 for some shares, 31/03/2022 for others and 30/06/2022 for the majority - same fund, same HIN, same postcode.

Many thanks,

I too am seeing this with Computershare. So far with ANZ cap notes that rolled into a new Cap Notes holding, it shows the previous qtr for the old Cap Notes balance indicating my Nil share balances (post rollover to the new holding) are incorrect while showing the ne holding Cap notes with the correct balance for the current Qtr.