Balance review dates

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with Balance Review having old dates for Computershare? I have a 30 June report, run now, but most of the Computershare dates are 31 March. Also the odd one for Boardroom. Link are all at 30 June.



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I’m doing a fund which has a Macquarie Wrap feed and some of the investments have the same issue, but even stranger dates. Opening balances input at 30/6/2018, have processed to 30/6/2019.

One investment was fully sold 24/6/2019 but the balance review date is 22/6/2018 so the comparison is useless.

Another one has a balance (so not sold) but the review date is 29/6/2017!

All just looks crazy …

I’m having the same issue with some shareholdings where it says the share registry has no data as at 30/6/19 so it gives me the 31/3/19 data instead. I’m therefore unable to confirm balances through that screen.

It tells me to check the SRN/HIN and postcode, which I have done. No issues there.

Hi @Maz @CAXSB @chris
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m happy to look into this for you.
I’ve sent you a direct message with some more information and my details, so feel free to contact me.

Bradley Wilkinson
SF360 Product Manager

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