Balance Certificates & Consideration Paid - Misleading?

Hey folks,

Got a bit of an odd one here, that I’d like to see added to a wishlist to be amended or have an option for inclusion/exclusion please.

Showing below is a screenshot of a Share Certificate for the Balance of Shares held by a shareholder after transferring some 3,500 shares to an incoming shareholder.

As they have not disposed of all of their securities, they are issued a Share Certificate - however if we want to include the Consideration Paid and the Total Consideration Paid on the Share Certificate for the incoming shareholder, they are also included on the Balance Certificate - which is misleading, as it reads as though the Transferor also paid that Consideration Per Share / Total on the balance shown in their No of Shares field.

Currently the only way to fix this is for us to export the Certificates to Word and manually edit the documents, which is not ideal.

Our suggestion would be to have either a specific merge field for Transferees when/if a Balance Certificate will be issued, OR to work out a way to simply exclude Consideration from Balance Certificates altogether.

Would love to hear some thoughts on this :slight_smile: Thanks all!


Just bumping to get BGL staff response.

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Not sure if a solution for this has been sorted by BGL.
You can toggle off the ‘Consideration Paid’ and ‘Total Consideration’ before creating the share certificate rather than downloading and editing which should help with the time spent editing the certificate. I have done that a few times when this situation has arisen.