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Hi everyone!
I’m a trustee of my own self-made super fund using BDL. Super fund360 and I’m looking to engage a practising accountant to continue to run my fund if I become incapacitated. If you are interested then
d? Please respond

I have the same concern and I have found that all I need is an administrator and I use Hefron. They are totally across BGL360 and I use them to merely check my work to prepare the financials. They have provided good service to date. In this role Hefron are in a good place to carry out any instructions from a PoA , Executor or Beneficiary. Personally I don’t find accountants useful other than to do what BGL360 does in our sleep or what Hefron can do to fix any gaps in my knowledge with administration.


What type of services were you looking for to be initially provided by an Accountant before you become incapacitated? And which State a you located?

Great, very much appreciate your advice
l read the Hefron articles in the financial review and they’re very good.

Thanks for coming back to me
No real services needed until I become incapacitated as I do everything myself apart from audit. BGL is good like that

This is my firms website:
If you want to call in with some questions, ask for John.