Australian Securites Limited Term Fund & Property Funds

Can someone help with what ledger codes I should use for Australian Securities Term Funds & Property Funds when setting up. I am entering into BGL360 from the old MYOB AE Accounts.

The Australian Security Limited (ASL) Term Fund is like a Term deposit where the money is loaned to ASL against a property ( ASL has a number of client or borrows the money and I think they morgage a property against the loan) and ASL charges the client interest and then reimburses the interest back to the super fund. Technically it is not a bank account, and if I use investment codes it needs for me to add units each time money is withdrawn or paid back. Any suggestions

Australian Security Limited (ASL) Property Fund - This pays a distribution and has a statement - you invest the money with ASL but it does not have units. This money is against property as well and is also has market value - but the super fund does not own the property.

I was thinking Hybrid Securities for the Property Fund???

Can anyone help me as I have no idea


I would record this as a 74700 managed investment, if you look at their website, it says they are a fund manager.

Recording the investment in the 74700 account should give you the ability to input the annual tax statement as well.

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