ASX data feed source

I have an ASX investment that is not being automatically updated by the Australian Securities Exchange data feed. It is listed as “manual”. All other ASX companies are being automatically updated. How do I correct this?

you just need to link the investment to the correct ASX security and it will be fine, easy fix. Have a look on the BGL knowledge base for instructions.

Thanks JYSUPER. I was able to fix the issue using Knowledge Base Article “How to update a security linked to an investment Account”. Interestingly the security had a “manual” and an “exchange” option provided. Must have been something to do with its original setup, being a new listing at the time.


Yes Pem, it is likely that you selected create new when setting up the investment, instead of selecting the System Security (ASX) from the list, hence shown as Manual. ASX security should have all been set up as system data.

Hope this helps.