ASIC Invoices via CAS360

I’ve started receiving ASIC invoices via CAS360. I have two questions about this.

  1. When I send ASIC debt reminders, although the wizard has been updated to say ASIC invoice, it’s still only attaching the debt summary invoice - will this be updated to include a full copy of the invoice?

  2. My assumption is that if ASIC provides invoices to us electronically they will no longer be posting them to us.
    My concern is that it seems the only way we’ll be notified that an invoice has been received is via the Notifications area, or by searching the Documents screen. This is not very satisfactory from my point of view. As has been discussed previously on this forum, the notifications become meaningless because there are so many of them and they can’t be filtered in any way. Ideally, it would be great to have a separate area to view invoices that need to be actioned, similar to the Review area. At the very least, we need to be able to filter our notifications by notification type.



Hi Anne,

Thank you for your feedback

In regards to issue 1 - If you toggle on the ASIC invoice (instead of “Attach CAS360 Invoice"), this will show the full debt summary on page 2 of the PDF.

In regards to issue 2 - we have tried to add a lot of the ASIC invoice information through the debt alerts, as they are linked and provide an easy way to forward the invoice on to the client (with all the CAS360 email tracking etc). Having said this we are working on a few new features in the document screen and the company alerts that will allow you to drill down further on ASIC invoices in particular invoices received recently.



Thanks Warren, appreciate your speedy response!

With regard to issue 1 I’ve realised that the debt reminders I was sending are for older invoices, so the ASIC Invoice option is not available. I understand that we’ll only be receiving the ASIC invoices for new debts.

With regard to issue 2, the new feature you are working on sounds perfect. My concern is that new invoices not attached to a review may be missed, but it sounds like the new feature should cover it.

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Hi Anne,

We have now released the filters to all clients.

Companies Screen - You can now filter the Company Debt alert, and see ‘All ASIC invoices’ as well as Invoices received in the last 7 and 14 days.

Documents Screen - You can now filter the Documents list and see ‘All ASIC invoices’ as well as Invoices received in the last 7 and 14 days.

Hope this helps



Thanks Warren, that’s very helpful :slight_smile:

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Welcome back, @LanethSff It’s been a bit quiet without you! :wink:


This was very helpful, thank you for asking Anne!

I’m not sure if I’m being a bit blind, but is there any easy way to keep track of which overdue invoices have been processed? I’m trying to make sure I’m not missing any but not finding any easy way within CAS360


Hi Kim,

This is what I’m doing…

On the Documents screen, use the ASIC Invoices Filter. You can see the complete list of invoices to be actioned here and you can also access the document status.

Open CAS360 in a second window. If using Chrome, Use the New Incognito Window tool to open two CAS360 sessions simultaneously (thanks to @Laneth for this tip)

In your second session, use the Company screen to access the Company Debt Alerts

Use the ‘Send Reminder’ feature to email the invoices. As you process each one, go back to your first CAS360 session and change the invoice status to ‘Sent to Client’ or whatever is appropriate.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need further explanation :slight_smile:

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Perfect, thank you. I was being blind - hadn’t even read that there was a document filter.

I have two agents using the same account, which is going to make it a bit of a pest, but your method has definitely saved me from being overwhelmed!

I would love a screen similar to the Reviews screen! :wink:


Fairly new to CAS360 and would like to view some webinars that have been posted which I have missed.
I missed the webinar about the ASIC Invoices now integrated with CAS360. Is this still able to be viewed anywhere?
Also was wondering if you are able to have a new Status for ASIC Invoices being paid or completed to ensure that none get missed as I have just had a very angry client call me. As I was only sending reminders for the Annual Review documents and not the debt invoices as well.

Hi @Liz

Thank you for your post.

The ASIC invoices feature was released in July and is covered in this webinar. This session will cover how you can send email reminders to your clients about outstanding amounts owed to ASIC, with the ASIC issued invoice attached.

It might also be worth looking at the SMS new features webinar (link below) as this shows how you can send the ASIC invoices (and other reminders) to the client via SMS.

Any questions please let me know


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