ASIC Form Lodgement Status - Reset

Morning all,

I wasn’t able to find discussion of this here, so I’m starting a new topic. Apologies if it has been raised already.

A feature that would be of great benefit, if it would be possible to bring to CAS360 from CAS Desktop, would be the ability to reset the status of a rejected ASIC document (specifically a 484) like we used to be able to.

Especially in the case of a residential address change for a contact(s), having to go back to undo the change and then redo the entire transaction if the forms reject is tedious at best, and time wastage at worst.

Would love to see if there’s anything in the works wherein we can toggle recent changes to print for residential addresses, much like we can for company addresses, and officer/shareholder transactions?

That at least would be a stop-gap measure to take some of the extra steps out of the longer journey towards a full status reset on docs for re-lodgement once the offending detail is adjusted.



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