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This is off topic, but I was speaking to someone at ASIC recently and communicated my frustrations re using the ASIC Connect account on behalf of our clients. He admitted that it it not designed to be used by Agents as they believe most business name holders lodge their own applications, updates and renewals. In our experience this is not the case! Especially as clients are becoming more and more wary of emails received from ASIC for fear they are scams.

I have sent my feedback to ASIC but if you agree with me, then please send them some feedback too! I guess it won’t be changed until they hear from many of us.

My main complaint is that we can’t have a single Agent log, the account has to be linked to an individual rather than the Agent, so when a staff member leaves the account becomes outdated but there is no easy way to transfer all the linked business names to a new account.

I also find it frustrating that it’s difficult to obtain a business name Key on behalf of a client. ASIC won’t communicate with us until we have the Key, we can’t appoint ourselves as authorised without the Key, but clients want us to obtain the Key for them.


100% agree with everything said. We had our ASIC Connect staff member leave, so I’ve had to go through the whole process of tracking down the keys and applying for new keys to add to a new account (under my name). I don’t understand why there’s no easy option to just change the name on the Connect account or do a straight transfer. Tracking down some of those keys was a definite pain in my backside, it took me on and off about 3 weeks to complete and I think I still have a handful of names left on the old account.

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You can send feedback to :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this Anne. I have all the same issues and am also about to finish up at the firm I work at, so am about to have to deal with setting up a new account etc. It’s quite ridiculous!

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Thanks for putting this in here Anne, absolutely agreed!

Is this their excuse for why it is as unstable as it is all the time?

Either way, feedback shall definitely be sent today!

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Hi Anne,

I spoke to ASIC about this same issue the other week, as we use our office manager’s account using our admin email for the whole firm. Every accounting firm I’ve worked for has done the same thing. That’s the only work around we can think of until ASIC gets its act together!

Another issue I’ve noticed is that you have to change addresses and emails one by one (and ASIC Connect is so slow!). There is no way to do a bulk change. We once had a client with 150 business names and I had to change the service and email addresses one by one :cry:

I’ve made a complaint today!